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Friday, March 10, 2017

Classic French, Again

The nail polish ban hasn't happened yet.  They are now saying March 20, but I'm still fighting and I heard that there are doctors just now finding out about this and are pissed big time.  I am so hoping they cause a ruckus and help me in my quest to stop this from happening.

Since Ms Princess has left, they have hired several new navigators and I have to say the atmosphere in my office is now so much better than it ever has been.  It's pleasant and we all get along and laugh and help each other.  It's really good.

We are working on getting the different cancer conferences more streamlined and make changes so we have more time for our patients.  The downside is, the boss has decided we need every other week meetings to do this.

Now there is one new hire who is not in my office whom I have already nicknamed Tinkerbell.  She is all about how someday she is going to be the leader of the navigators and she just doesn't seem to do any work.  She just seems to walk around and come up with ideas of things we can do.

She also went to a patient's funeral and I want to know if she was on the clock or not.  I'm all for going if you want to, but not to get paid for it.  Thing is, I can't ask about that.  Or I haven't figured out a way to ask that yet.

So yesterday's meeting she was the one who wouldn't stop talking.  You guys know. Any job you are in there's always that one person who is over the top enthusiastic to the point of nausea.  She was just all about we can do this and we can do that and I'd really like to do this.  But not once was it about the patient.  Not once was it about the work she is supposed to be doing.  And since she is one of the doctor's pets, my boss really has her hands tied and can't do anything about it.

There is a new doctor we hired doing a new cancer technique and there is a poster about it in the clinic.  And her face on the poster.  But not the doctor who does the technique. Does that make any kind of sense????  She was also on TV interviewed about this and again, when are you taking care of your patients?

I'm actually in a good place at work at the moment.  It's been so toxic for so many years, it's nice to actually not hate going to work.

Now, for my classic french, I use my Essie Nude Beach and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.


This is my all time favorite nail look.  I could wear this forever.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?