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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Enchanted Polish Britney Spearmint

Pulled out yet another oldie today.  It's been fun wearing polish that I haven't worn in forever. Plus I'm not freakin out about the polish ban, so it's been a joy again.

I told you how I decided to cover all those doctors while the nurse is out on FMLA sick time? Well my boss had emailed out Friday who was covering the actual clinics and I wrote back telling her how I had been doing all the triage phone calls.  She wrote back, "you're awesome."


I wrote back to her jokingly how nurse's week is coming up.  Earlier that day she had sent out an email for people to nominate the nurse of the  year sort of thing.  So I was alluding to this when I replied to her about nurse's week.

She sent me back a picture of three tomatoes.  Not rotten ones, just three tomatoes.  Now I don't get that at all. So I wrote back telling her that I didn't get it, but am sure it's funny.  I haven't gotten a reply yet so I can't tell you what she meant.  Anyone out there know what the tomatoes mean?

Totally forgot I was going to show you my new shoes.  I got the chocolate brown ones the other day and it's glorious.  Now I have grey, beige, navy, burgundy and chocolate.  I have my old black ones too until I can replace those.  I think I'm set for years!

Here they are.

Aren't they pretty?  Here is an up close side view.

It's a 3.5 inch heel and they are comfortable big time.  Now you know why I love them so that I bought all the colors I could! The funny thing is, I am a heavy heel walker.  With my old shoes you could totally hear me coming and people would make fun.  These new shoes have all the soles to them and it muffles my footsteps. Now I can sneak up on people. HEHEHE.

Now let's relive Britney.


Sadly, this is NOT color accurate whatsoever.  It is a pale mint green holo IRL.  Stupid sun went away and my flash just washed out the color.  It is a frosty polish as well.

Will have to revisit when I can get color accurate shots.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?