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Monday, March 13, 2017

Colors by Llarowe JoJo

Spring has come a month early here.  My daffodils have already bloomed, my tulips are coming up and the trees are starting to show their leaf buds.  My yard has been taken over by these tall purple flower weeds that is most likely choking the sh*t out of my grass.

I have yet to finish my front yard project I told you about where I am cleaning out fifteen years of leaves and debris under the trees.  Now that the leaves are coming, I feel pressured to get it done as it will be much harder to get underneath the branches once the leaves are there.

One can only assume this is from global warming or some other such anomaly in the world.  It's probably why it was so nice in Myrtle Beach when I was just there.  As much as I enjoyed the sun, it just shouldn't be this warm in February into March.  I hope it doesn't mean summer is going to be hotter than ever.

What is it doing where you live? Is it early weather there too? I'd really love to know.

So Apple made me broke again.

I got the iPad Pro which is amazing but it needs a case.  I went on Amazon and bought a $12 case and it was OK for about a month.  Then pieces of plastic started breaking off.  Then the case cracked.  I threw it out and wrote to Amazon telling them it's a piece of crap.

They were nice and refunded my money even though I didn't have the case to send back.

I then tried a $22 case but when I got it, it was one of those thick fake leather cases that are really nice, but add so much bulk that it is a pain to hold.  So I sent that one back.

What Apple has done for the Pro, is you either buy a front cover or a back case.  Or you can buy both.  WTF Apple???? My last iPad case came in one piece and yes I did get it from Apple and yes it is still a great case as my mom is now using that one.

But to charge people $120 for two pieces to make one case? Makes no sense to me but I decided to buy them both and they better be the cat's meow or they are going back.  One thing about Apple is their products are top notch.  When you read this, I will already have it, so will try to come back and edit this to let you know how it is.

**EDIT** The ipad case is freakin amazing.  And I hate that it is! I will never say it is worth $120 but damn is it good.

Today we have one of my all time favorite green polish.  CbL JoJo.  It's not a strong holo, but damn is it a fabulous grass green color.

Late Sun

Late Sun


Here I've got two different lighting scenarios for you.  Late afternoon sun and flash.  This is stunning no matter what light you have.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?