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Friday, March 31, 2017

Enchanted Polish Disco H2O, A Little Fishy Told Me

I pulled out an oldie EP for today's post.  Remember how I told you they had stopped the nail polish ban for now? This is the mani I did the next day after hearing the awesome news.  There's even a bit of art included!

I am truly contemplating moving my blog over to Wordpress.  However, I just Googled it and it would be a whole new way of blogging and I'd be like a beginner all over again.  I hate that I can't do some things I want because Chrome and Blogger are being jerks.  Anyone out there using Wordpress? Can you let me know if it's worth the move over?

Work has been busy.  There's a nurse out sick, a nurse practitioner out on medical leave and a doctor out on maternity leave.  This leaves a lot of patients to be seen by people who are not their regular doctors.  Plus a lot of phone calls from patients needing stuff.  For some stupid reason, I have decided I'm the one to take care of all the phone calls for these people. So yeah, my load has gotten exponentially higher lately.

It was one of these phone calls I was doing yesterday that I realized the dude had been put on the wrong doctor's schedule.  His doctor was in fact not out.  I talked to that doctor asking him what he wanted and he wanted the patient put on a day when he was there and not have this patient see a third random person who doesn't know him or his cancer.

Sounds perfectly logical right?

So I put all this down in a message asking the clerk to setup the appointment and his chemo on the day the doctor said to.  Next thing I know, I get a message back that the appointment had been put on the day the doctor isn't here and not the day he asked for.  I'm like WTF people. It was a simple request.

I called that doctor's nurse saying to her, you must not have read my note, but the doctor doesn't want this patient on a day he isn't here.  Her reply? Well you take care of it.

Oh I went off big time.  Next thing I know, she's telling people how I went off on her, but leaving out the part of her not doing as the doctor had asked and not telling that she had told me to take care of her patient!  This is yet another nurse who does little to no work, so I wasn't surprised.

I was recently sent a post on Facebook and it read, "I don't refer to you as my coworker, as you never do any work."  Absolutely perfect for my workplace!  Thank you Jenna!

Now let's look at a couple of gorgeous EPs.  Disco H2O and A Little Fishy Told Me.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now Disco is on my ring finger and Fishy leans a bit more green in real life.  It has been quite a long time since I wore Fishy!  Next here is a bit of dots and a funky for the stopping of the polish ban.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How awesome are these two together?  I am in love!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?