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Friday, March 17, 2017

Chaos and Crocodiles Sleeper Cell

While I was in Myrtle Beach, I was hoping they would have a DSW there so I could buy new work shoes.  Well, they don't so I was bummed.  I really need new work dress shoes as mine are years old.

I went through the DSW online store while in MB and picked out and put what I wanted in my cart as when I got back, I wanted to go to the store here and try on the ones I had picked out.  If I haven't told you before, my clothes philosophy is, if you find something you like, buy it in all the colors available.

I am not a fashion hound for sure.  Hence the three pairs of the envelope culottes I showed you a few posts ago.

So I had picked out two styles of boots but in several different colors.  When I got to my local DSW, the clerk told me they don't have the ones I wanted in the store to try on.  When I went to order them online, she told me to wait two days for that Friday as there is a 25% off sale happening then.

Yes very cool of her to share that with me!

I was ready.  I had the boots and colors I wanted in my cart.  At 0500 Friday morning, I checked to see if the website had posted the sale.  Nope not yet.  At 0800 when I got to work, I checked again and there it was.  The sale! I had five pairs of boots in my cart.  While trying to check out, I got cart jacked!


I went back and tried to put the shoes back in my cart but now they were sold out.  Now mind you, I've had these in my cart now for several weeks and I reput them in my cart that Wednesday.  I was pissed.  I checked out with the four pairs and you bet complained to customer service.

They claim their inventory updates every 24-48 hours.  Uh huh.  I was freakin cart jacked.  Reminiscent of the Enchanted Polish restocks and the frenzy that caused.

Later that same day, I went ahead and ordered two more pairs of boots, so I have six pairs coming. I will try them on and figure out which ones to keep and return the rest.  I did go online yesterday searching for those elusive boots and they are sold out every where in my size.

Had I just bought them in Myrtle Beach online.........

Anywho, today I splurged and used my precious CC holo Sleeper Cell.  Put on your shades people!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Had to add an extra shot of this one as it's so freakin awesome! I wish she would make more of these fantastic super holos.  I'd buy them all!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?