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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Colors by Llarowe Chillin' In Paradise

Woke up this morning feeling like writing a post or two.  I had nail polish pictures saved from April before the nail polish ban at work.  I have not worn any polish since May 1st when the ban went into effect.  Yes I am still trying to fight that at work.  I'm told that the OR nurses have nail polish on. That's like the one place that you really shouldn't be wearing polish!

I'm obsessed with the Eminem song Love Game.  I printed out the lyrics and am trying so hard to rap the words but dayum I can't talk that fast! I actually made this song my new ringtone.  Now that's a first as my ringtone has always been the second verse of the Monty Python song Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.

I have been active on Instagram if you guys are interested.  My account is JenHop13.  I just figured out that people can direct message you.  This brings me to why I decided to post today.  I got a message from a guy and it's the weirdest thing and I need you guys to tell me if I'm being paranoid or if this guy is a lying creep.

First I won't use the real name on Instagram so don't ask.

He writes something like hi how are you can we be friends sort of thing.  Let's just say his account name is John D Smith.  He says on the account he is proud to be Navy.  So I google John D Smith and I find that the real name is John D Smythe and is in the Marines.  So I call him on it and say why the different name and different branch of the military?

Now granted, I don't use my real name either and I have used the handle here Fingers since 2011. So I get that sh*t.

He replies just believe me OK sort of thing, but has changed his account name now to John D Smythe. Curious. People don't misspell their names, unless they are trying to be incognito like I am. Oh and the photos on the account are easily googled. He says he's in Afghanistan on a peace mission.


I google again and find that John D Smythe of the Marines, not the Navy as he said, is to be shipped to Japan WITH HIS FAMILY to be commander of something there.  So yeah I call him out on that too.  He again says, just believe me ok.  I'm like why, why does it even matter if I believe you as either way I don't want to converse with a married man.

He then sends me a couple of photos, again in uniform, easily googled, asking me what he needs to do for me to believe he is who he says.  I don't think there is anything except maybe facetime or something like that, but I'm over it.  He says again, just believe me ok?

At this point, I'm thinking this is so fake that I deleted the message.

So it's at this time that I ask you younger hipper peeps out there, am I being too paranoid or is this just normalcy on Instagram? I mean I get the going incognito thing as I do it but I wouldn't in a private message you know???  Need some advice my people!!!!

Now here is the very freakin gorgeous CbL Chillin in Paradise.  And this is when I was doing my own gel dip nails and I am VERY AWARE they look lumpy and thick.  I don't need the f*cking negative comments ok??

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Ugh how gorgeous and freakin cool is this holo happiness??? Yes I miss this sh*t big time, but I'm way too lazy to polish and remove said polish in the same day.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?