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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Sunrise Eye Look

Oh people.  It's getting thick at work.  The drama continues.  First of all, Stupid quit her new job already.  I don't think she's even been there two months yet.  I would find it hard to believe she had another job lined up.  She'd really be stupid if she quit one job before finding another.

Annoying tried to get in my face during my clinic this past week.  Telling me that patients were asking whether they were having a procedure that day, which for one is none of Annoying's business as she has NO idea why that patient is being seen and two it ain't up to her to tell my patient anything before the doctor has seen them. She is not the doctor and if she went and said anything, then they'd ask all sorts of questions again that she can't answer and it would snowball.

I didn't even bother to turn away from what I was doing so she was facing my back as I told her that the doctor would explain everything.  She then said well do you know how long it'll be? Now I'm more pissed than I was.  I said firmly the doctor will get there when he gets there.  She slinked off without a word.

That very same clinic, I had a patient go off the crazy deep end and they were ranting and raving in the hall when Annoying decided she should try to calm her down.  I looked right at Annoying and said leave it alone. Just leave it alone.

Then we are all told that our clinical coordinator decided to step down from that position and has taken the rest of the week off.  I think it has to do with Annoying.  We are being told "she's just a clinic nurse" but reality is, she thinks she's in charge.  I think the boss must like what she's doing to not stop the situation.

Speaking of situation-anyone out there love the song, "Situation" by Yaz? From back in the day? Just added it to my itunes as I don't listen to the CD anymore.  So I be grooving at my desk while I write this.  Yes I am stuck in the 80s.

All right, want to show you my eye of the day.  I wore something similar to this to work earlier in the week and decided to recreate it and jazz it up.  I am calling it my Sunrise eye. I did two looks for this one as I wasn't sure the one without the black eyeliner looked good.

I'll let you decide.

Here is the half closed one.

And the closed eye look.

You can see here the brown fade into the orange then yellow.  I am in love with this look.  I think my blending is spot on here, there are no harsh lines and I just think it's awesome.

I used all Makeup Geek eyeshadows.

I used these colors for this look.

Hope you like this one!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?