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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

JORD Red Sandalwood Mother of Pearl Watch

Now there's a puzzling post title for you eh? Doesn't really link to polish or makeup right?  Only at the outer fringes as a totally put together woman, which I do not claim to be.

First let me say this will be a very picture heavy post.  Very cool pictures I might add, but more than usual. Second, let me tell you why I agreed to do this review for you on a watch.

I first got the email asking me to review one of their watches in early September when I had crossed back into the USA from Canada on my vacation.  It had been sent the week before to my blog's email address, which I don't check very often.  I went on the JORD website and saw all these gorgeous watches made out of wood.  My brother has a similar wood watch that I have been coveting for a while now.  But more than that, my dad was a very good self taught wood furniture maker.  I would draw him an idea with dimensions for a coffee table, CD rack etc and he would make it for me.

Most all of my furniture my dad made for me.  So things made of wood hold a very sentimental value to me because of my dad.  Even more so now that he's gone.  Another reason I chose to work with this company is the fact that they are based in St Louis.  Which for those of you who read my drivel will remember that I am in love with St Louis. I lived there for seven years, went to nursing school there and the Arch is my talisman.  No joke on that last part.

Oh and one other reason why? Because I have never had a "grown up" watch before.  Remember the very first Swatch watches from the 80s that were scented and used to turn nasty colors on your wrist? Yeah, I was once a Swatch junkie but then I became a nurse and I now literally wear a man's digital watch from WalMart.  It tells me the date, the time and has seconds, a timer etc. All the things you need as a nurse.

So yeah.  I said yes I would love to review one of your watches.  They have worldwide free shipping, which for my international peeps is an awesome thing! So that's another reason I wanted to tell you guys about this brand.  I had told you I went on their website to see what they are all about and all of their watches are just stunning.  For someone who loves wood like I do, it's heaven on earth!

All of these different woods from sandalwood (my fave) to maple, bamboo and ebony are used to make different watches.  I was asked to measure my wrist with the ruler available on their website and I was sent their Red Sandalwood and Mother of Pearl watch.  Here is how it came when I received it.

This is right out of the shipping box.

This is once I figured out how to open the box.  HAHA! Yes I can be a little scatter brained at times. I actually took a knife and tried to pry the lid off!  DUH!

This gorgeous watch comes wrapped around it's own little pillow.

These are the other items in the box.  Extra links, a polishing cloth, warranty card and instructions on how to wind it and set the time.

Here it is out of it's box.  Now I personally love wearing a man's watch.  Some of it because I can't see small dials anymore! But I have always been a lover of sandalwood oils and woods and this watch is absolutely perfect for me.  It has crystals around the face that sparkle in the sun and the face is made with mother of pearl, which we all know has that cool multichrome thing happening.  The smaller dials are for seconds, timer and 24 hour timer. I have yet to play with those.

Shall we just sit and stare at the beauty for a moment?

Now the round tag in front gets removed once you're ready to wear it.

Here are some more pictures of this beautiful watch in the sun.

This was taken on what's left of my felled tree.  Do you see all the different colors in the grain of this watch? Stunning.  I can't stop staring.

Of course I had to take pictures with the Fall leaves and colors! How beautiful is this watch?

My idea of a styled picture.  I wish I could have captured the glow from the mother of pearl for you!

A close up of the back on my wrist.  It has a double lock clasp, hidden underneath.  You can really see the grain here.  Care is simply lemon or orange oil extract to keep it shiny and nourished.

One last picture.  This is on my wrist.  It has a nice weight to it, like you know it's well made and will last a lifetime.

Now, I want to tell you about the awesome customer service I received.  I told you earlier I measured my wrist. Well apparently, I didn't do it right and when I first got this watch it was way too big. I was sent a postage paid label by email to ship it back and have links taken out.  I didn't have to pay for that service and neither does anyone else who has this issue.  It's one of their perks like the free world wide shipping.

Once I got the watch back the second time, it was still too big.  I was offered another shipping label like before, but it made more sense for me to take it to a watch dealer where I live so I could try it on to get the right fit.  I was assured that if they somehow ruined the watch removing links that I would be sent a brand new watch.

I wish more companies had such great customer service such as this does.  I am very impressed with that as I have dealt with a lot of companies in my life and know what I expect and JORD went above and beyond that for me.  The free world wide shipping is huge for me as well.  Especially hearing from you guys how much you get charged to have stuff shipped overseas to you.

Overall I am very happy with my new watch that I think is just gorgeous and can't wait to wear it more!  I am impressed with their level of customer service and I hope that you guys will go and at least check out JORD and see what other beautiful watches they have there. Who knows, you may fall in love like I did and buy one!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

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