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Friday, October 23, 2015

Enchanted Polish May 2014, Dope Jam

Today I have two different Enchanted Polish for you.  The sun has been out lately so I've been able to wear holos again!

I'm excited about what's coming up here.  I have a three part series on Ofra liquid lipstick swatches in store for you. I hope you guys like it!

It's finally getting chilly here.  First frost actually this morning.  I love the cold!  My poor cats are all huddled up together as I either keep the windows open, or only put the heat on if it's below 65F in the house.  It's what I grew up with.  My parents house was always cold as it just cost too much to have the heat on a lot of the time. It actually snowed there yesterday already.  Yeah they get it there big time!  I do miss the snow though.

Nothing new to report at work yet.  I haven't run into the higher up yet and Annoying is being just that. Annoying.  She has one of those voices that just send shivers up your spine.  Oh and because she thinks she's all that, she missed work this past Friday so she could go give a talk somewhere else. She just moved to town and is already doing talks?

Yes I do lung cancer talks, but I was sort of roped into doing them and I certainly didn't volunteer as each time I do it I freak out.  Yes I know my stuff backwards and forwards, but you get in front of a room of people and my mouth gets all dry and I talk too fast and yeah it's not fun.  I'm due again early November.  So I need to start pumping myself up.

One of the doctors played a joke on me recently.  He can be a hard a** and he does make people cry and scared of him on the inpatient floor where his patients are.  I don't have a problem with him, but when he's mad it's a pain you know? So I get a voicemail from him asking why I gave one of his patients away to his partner when he could have seen the patient.  Now I'm like great he's going to yell at me.  So I text him saying call me so you can yell at me.

He gets on the phone and before he can even say anything, I'm explaining myself and then I hear him say he's messing with me and the other doctor is in on the joke.  So they are both laughing their a*ses off at my expense and I had to admit they got me good!  Things like that make me like my job.  I need more of those to happen.

All right, let's look at two gorgeous EP holos.

The first one is May 2014.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
You better believe I'm wearing Fall colors as they are my favorite.  I don't think this was a very popular color when it was released, but for me, it's perfect!

Now the last from the most recent collection.  Dope Jam.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Yes people, I wore a pink just for you.  Enjoy it while it lasts! HAHAHAH!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?