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Monday, October 19, 2015

It's A Green Eye Look

Did I tell you that Stupid quit her new job already? I believe I did.  Well, it seems she has said to my coworker that "it was not a nurturing environment" and she just couldn't work there.  It also seems that her coworkers "were mean to her" I translate this as, Stupid not doing any work, which is her MO and they wouldn't put up with it.

They didn't even have her work out her two week notice.  She's just gone.

The other part of my yearly eval from my last post involves the new Annoying.  You guys still need to help me with names for her.  Once my beat down was complete, I simply asked her what Annoying's position is.

You should have seen the boss's face light up with admiration for her.  In theory, she's "just a staff nurse" like I am, but she's the only one on the floor five times a week so she is to be the boss's eyes and ears and help the flow run better.  The boss went on and on about how Annoying used to be an assistant nurse manager somewhere else and how she made a breast health program from the ground up.  That she has all this energy and all these ideas for new things and she asks questions like why is it done this way when all of us should be asking that very question.

The boss just couldn't stop gushing about how awesome she is.  So the whole "she's just a staff nurse" is bullsh*t.  She's in charge of this area and will also be the snitch to tattle on the rest of us when she sees things that shouldn't be done.  I went and told my coworker in confidence only to find out five minutes later that she went and told someone else.

The boss came after me again this week.  Complaining about how I do things and that they should be done this way not my way.  Well, it's quite obvious that she has absolutely no idea what I do and she has no clue what you need information wise to see a patient that has been treated elsewhere and is coming to see you.  The doctor I mentioned last post jumped up to sort of defend me and then went to the other staff involved in my process to tell them to not listen to the boss, that she cannot change things, which thankfully is true.

It just added another layer on the sh*tfest and another con for staying, another pro for leaving.

I am still in a state of decision making.

All right.  Today we have a gorgeous green and brown eye look for you that I think is quite pretty.  I think my blending is good and my ombre effect is good.  I'm still working on correct photo taking and my stupid eye wouldn't stop tearing and the inside corner shadow kept coming off.

Was very frustrating!!!!

Once again, I didn't get my damn lashes in the right place.  I find it very difficult to close my eye without squeezing my eye if you know what I mean, which then makes it hard to place the lash where it needs to go. It's driving my nuts!!!!

However, I am in love with this green and brown look and think I really did a good blending job!

Once again, I used all Makeup Geek eyeshadows.  If you want to know colors, let me know.  I think there are seven colors used here! And PS did you know you can curl false eye lashes? Yup, once they are in place and the glue has pretty much dried, you can use your curler and go to town.  I haven't tried before putting them on, but I have done it after and it works great!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?