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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Barielle Ribbon and Lace, Enchanted Polish Rainbow Juice with Pulp

It seems I forgot to show you the last Barielle polish from the new Fall/Winter 2015 Mirror Mirror collection.

It also seems I am craving two of the new Chanel polish for this Fall.  Chataigne and Vert Obscur. Although the Vert Obscur reminds me of a very old Nars one called Zulu.  Anyone else out there think that way? And if I really am honest, I like the third one as well.  The Sanguine one with a touch of burnt orange.

You all know how much I love me some burnt orange!

But damn at $27 a piece?

If anyone wants to have pity on me and send me one of these Chanels, I'd be ok with that.

Now on to other things.

The scuttlebutt is that Annoying (for lack of better name yet) has been given the free reign to fix the flow of things.  No one has been able to verify that with the boss yet.  Trust that I am meeting with her later this week and plan to straight out ask her.

In the meantime, Annoying has tried to move doctors around from their comfort zones and managed to piss off several at one time.  When confronted with this, Annoying blamed one of the peons.  We all know that there's no way this peon would have the balls to do such a thing.  Especially with this one doctor-the only one who has ever made me cry.  In my twenty year career.

He's not one to be messed with.

This particular doctor goes to Annoying and says he would prefer things stay as they are.  Annoying now feels that everyone hates her and can't understand why.  Gee, really? You come in here new not even here a month, not finished with orientation and try to take over and make major changes without asking and you can't understand why people don't like you? And then you blame someone else for you own doings?

Maybe Annoying has Stupid tendencies?

What I do know is that I got my yearly evaluation (that's what the meeting is about) and I'm being punished for liking to work alone.  For not being social and more visible in clinic.

Hmmmmmmm.  Did you all see that pile of work I showed you? I've never said no to anything that's been asked of me, I'm not a full time employee yet I do at least fifty hours of work a week in twenty eight hours and I'm not being social enough?

I don't have the time and honestly, I don't want to be social.  I'm there to do a job, take good care of my patients and go home.  Not one patient has ever been lost, dropped, forgotten nor complained about me.  I've gotten several praise letters from them and this to me is what matters.

That's why I've called a meeting.  And while I'm there, it certainly can't hurt to try to get the dirt on Annoying right?  I asked my higher up confidante there and I'm told to just sit and watch and all will be revealed.  Cryptic and I have a need to know just what the hell is really going on here.

Stay tuned.

Here is your last Barielle polish from the new Fall/Winter Mirror Mirror collection.


This is a gorgeous teal color that is another one coater! This means you can use it to stamp with.  So I believe four of the five in this set can be used to stamp with.  That's very cool in my book.

Just for the fun of it, I then added Enchanted Polish Rainbow Juice with Pulp.


I wish I had sun for this! It's a holo topcoat like polish with holo glitters in it.  Super blingy and of course just what I like!

Hope you like this!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?