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Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Lash Obsession, Ardell, Red Cherry, House of Lashes

So this post I thought I'd show you SOME of the lashes I have bought since I started doing these eye looks. Trust that I'm too embarrassed to show you all of them.

I never thought I'd sit here and wax nostalgic about Stupid. At least with Stupid, you knew what you were getting which was nothing.  She did nothing, just took up space.  The new replacement may be trouble. Apparently, she used to be an assistant nurse manager somewhere and thinks she's all that.

It seems she has taken it upon herself to fix all that is wrong where I work.  She hasn't even been there a month and she was going through all the cupboards, throwing things out that she didn't even know if we used them or not.  Also seems that no one is stopping her, which is scary in itself.

She is trying to take over and change the way my coworker does her stuff.  I find it hilarious that she complained about Stupid, then complained she couldn't do the work by herself and now has a new and worse nut to deal with.  Oh and you see by my profile photo that I'm slender.  Always have been. I weigh 115lbs but this new person makes me look huge.  It's actually very unnerving seeing just how skinny she is.  I hope she ain't bulimic. That's no joke.

I need to come up with a new name for her.  Annoying perhaps? Know it all perhaps? I'll have to think on that for a minute.

The other day when I was not in the best mood due to a migraine I noticed that the thermostat kept being put on 80F.  Let's just say I'm always hot and I'd prefer it on 60F if I could.  But I have to compromise cause my coworkers are babies and can't put on a damn sweater. So I kept turning it back to 70F.

It went back to 80F over and over.  I finally had it.  I said something to the two of them and Annoying (for now) said well we will have to compromise blah blah blah.  I looked at her and said 80F ain't it. She had best not mess with me or I'll kick her ass.  Mark my words.

After lunch Friday I belched as I'm a rude person as well and Annoying said "you crack me up". I looked at her and said, "my dad taught me well."

More to come..............

Now a few things I've learned since trying to put lashes on.  One is it's a pain in the damn ass.  Two if your hands shake like mine do, it's even harder!

Another thing is to start with the cheap ones because if you mess them up, it's only $3 wasted not $20.  You also need to use a good glue.  I've been trying for so long with some damn cheap ass glue and it's part of the reason I can't get them on correctly and why they don't stay on.  The problem I was having with the good glues were the huge amount that would spill out of the tube when I tried to put a thin strip on the lash band.

It's better to start with clear glue as the ones that dry black show all the disaster you had putting them on.  It's also easier to get the glue off if you soak the lash in eye makeup remover first.  I did just find out you should put rubbing alcohol on after each use/cleaning for sanitary reasons.  I have to get me some of that.

I finally got some glue that uses a wand applicator and so far that's been easier for me.  I also ordered a new type of eyelash tweezer thingy that helps you get your lash on.  I'll let you know if that's worth the $3.

It looks like this.

We shall see.

Here are some of my lashes.

This is House of Lashes Iconic, Ardell Wispies and Red Cherry Lashes.  The Ardell and Red Cherry are about $3 a piece.  The Iconics are $12.

I am way too a beginner to try to wear the Iconics yet.  Hopefully you can see why.  Take a close look at the base of these lashes.  The Ardell and Red Cherry have little to no lash band. That's why they are disposable, but can last a few wears if you take care of them.  The Iconic has a very thick lash band and is synthetic hair instead of human hair like the other two types.

These are some of the different styles I've gotten to try out.  The one upside down is the only one I've worn so far.

I've also figured out that using a good sharp tweezer helps with application as well.  I had been using this damn dull thick tweezer that just wasn't helping my cause at all.  These are also the two glues I've gotten with a wand for application.

A close up so you can see the thick lash band.  It's sort of stitched and that's why it's more expensive, but it will also last you a lot longer.  I'm also told it's a beeyotch to put on and for beginners like me something I'm just not ready for.

I'm smart enough to know to wait so I don't ruin a $12 pair of lashes.

Wish me luck!

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?