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Friday, August 5, 2011

It's a disaster-I broke a nail!

Why is it that people freak out so much over a broken nail? Yes it sucks, but you know what? It'll grow back, I promise you!  I've seen several blogs now actually quit blogging until their nail grows back.  I tell them, you can still put polish on a short nail and it'll help protect it while it grows back.  They don't listen.

Did I really break a nail? Yes.  And a useful one too.  It's my 'gesture' nail.  You see, I am a road rager.  I do the finger gestures QUITE frequently.  I have even been pulled over by the man for it. At least my nails are nicely polished when doing it.  My mom will be so proud that I'm sharing this with you. Sorry mom!  I drive an hour to and from work and I drive fast.  I am proud to say that I have never had an accident because I am a damn good driver.  My dad says I should have been a race car driver instead of a nurse.  So if you are a slow driver and in the left lane-GET OUT OF MY WAY! That lane is not for you.

So, yes I broke my gesture nail but I still have my other one. Am I giving up blogging? No.  Will I take pictures of my other hand, yes.  I did file down the rest so they are more in the same length family.  I don't want to look stupid!  By the way, did anyone see the woman on Strange Addictions who hasn't cut her nails in 22 years? They are 19" long! I kid you not-google it. It grosses me out so I can't bring myself to put a picture on my blog for you.  Sorry.

By now, you are probably wondering if I will ever get to the nail polish.  Well here it is.  I have on Deborah Lippmann Billionaire from her fall collection.  The first layer went on patchy and gross.  I really thought I was going to have to start over.  But the second layer really made it nice and dark hunter green.  Love it.

Please excuse the lint on the last picture-I didn't see it until too late.  But isn't this a pretty green? I am loving it.  Plus I got my new nail art brushes in so I thought I'd try something out.  But you know what? I got a little nervous, and didn't have any ideas to try.  But then I went through the new stamping plates I got with it and found the perfect one for me. It is M 73 from the Born pretty store.

I told you that I am a pianist and I love classical music.  This stamp is a music score.  It is perfect.  I grabbed that and my Chanel Khaki Vert and went to town.  This stamp is very delicate with its fine lines so it's hard to see.  I then topped it off with a funky french.  I have to say that this may be my favorite mani I've shown you yet.  I am really digging this.  I think the two greens just go so well together.  Don't you?

I read on a blog (sorry I can't remember which one) an easier way to do a french without tape.  You turn the brush  and go left to right and move your hand instead of the brush.  I have to say, my lines are a lot straighter and I didn't have to worry about the tape pulling off the design. Did that just make sense?

I'm sorry but this is a freakin cool look if I do say so myself. And I do!

Any thoughts or comments?


  1. Oh yes, those do go together very well! I love the music design... what plate is that on? I'm going to have to get it.

  2. So sorry-will have to edit this post with the plate number-all i can say now is I got it from Born pretty store and its a generic Konad!

  3. I like your attitude. Yes, breaking a nail sucks, but that's just riddiculous when you stop blogging because of it.
    I can't stand when my nails are different lenght so every time i break a nail I file down all the others too, but that has never stopped me doing my nails.
    And now to your nail art, it looks great, I really wanna try it out. :)

  4. @Sandra-I file my nails whenever I have breakage as well! I'm glad you like my posts-hope I don't offend anyone-but then again, if I do, they can read a different blog!

  5. I hate it when I break a nail, but it hasn't stopped me from posting! I love the green..and the music notes make a perfect addition! Looks great!

  6. Your nail art looks great! I'm thinking the Lippmann is too dark for me--I already have some almost black greens and don't need another (though I suppose that's true of many, many colors thanks to my collecting jones).

    I like you attitude toward nail breaks!

  7. I broke my nails, and I haven't been blogging as much lol.. but that has nothing to do with my nails and everything to do with work. I love the color, such a nice dark shade.

  8. @P&C- thank you so much!

    @KarenD- is there any color you don't have?

    @nailtopia- you've been busy updating your blog!


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