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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The inevitable has happened

I held off as long as I possibly could, but then I faced reality.  I am a polish hoarder. Big time and I have totally run out of room on my five bookcases for any more polish.  I have them so crammed on these shelves that I can't really see what I have anymore.

You know what that means right?

Yup, I built my sixth bookcase.  Hangs head in shame...........

I haven't figured out where in the polish room it will be going yet. There are only two different places where it even fits.  I just realized that I hate how crammed my polish is and I want to move all my holos to one bookcase and spread them out so I can see my pretties.  Plus Polish Amor and I have made a pact that we can no longer buy any polish except for Enchanted Polish and Liquid Sky Polish.  Any other purchases have to be approved by the other.  Like asking your mommy for permission kind of thing.  We have realized we are out of control and can no longer control our impulses.  We need the other to reign in our spending and hoarding.  I have one exception which is a Jade holo which I have on back order.  I can also buy MoYou stamping plates.  Other than that, nada, zilch no more polish.

We shall see how this works.

Oh and the awesome news for today?  Fashion Polish knows who I am!!!!!!!  Yes the awesomesauce Sam who gets a million views a month knows who I am!  She followed me on Instagram and left me a comment on how she liked the colors on the mani I am about to show you for today.  I was speechless, did a happy dance and proceeded to tell her how awesome I think she is.

It made me day.  You all know how I have been down lately over the contests and the blogazons.  For her to like my little nubs really meant something to me.

OK enough of all that.  I will say that I have new favorite colors in today's mani.

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is also a new brand to me.  This is LCN Audrey, Seche Silly and Sensible and LCN Rita.

This is now my new favorite yellow and orange of all time.

I started with skittles.

Indoor Sun

Ott Lite


Ott Lite
I tried to shape my nubs a bit.  Oh and this green is no slacker either.  Top five for sure.  It has hidden shimmer-did you see it?

Next I stamped using my new MoYou plate Artist 7 using their stamping black polish.  I added a stud to the green and voila.

Indoor Sun

Ott Lite

Indoor Sun

Ott Lite

Close Up

What makes these MoYou plates so awesome and different from other plates? They are their own scene.  Each plate could be framed and hung on the wall.  It's something no other company has thought of before.  Here is the plate I used today.

So you choose what part you want to use.  How awesome is that?  I have many more to show you and more on the way.  This is why I sold off all my other plates!

Also, I have a serious fascination with Ancient Egypt and Hieroglyphics. I even bought a book to learn how to read and write it.  I have the belief that I was there in one of my past lives. Yup I believe in that stuff.

Anyway, this is the mani that Fashion Polish liked of mine.  Still have the big stupid grin on my face.

Plus, I just love this one even had she never liked it.  These are my kinds of colors!!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?