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Friday, November 22, 2013

I hate change-

Remember how I told you all about my office move to the basement?  Well every day, more and more information is leaked out about this whole deal.  I asked why they spent so much money to make the new chemo treatment room so fancy and nice for a temporary situation?  I'm then told, well since we've taken over that space, we aren't giving it back.  That the space saved for the treatment room may very well become more exam rooms instead.  Huh.

Then I got an email that blew my mind.  It seems my boss is no longer my boss. WTF?  Never saw that coming.  Now it's not that I respected or even liked my boss. She was basically useless.  But harmless useless you know?  Seems they have split the cancer center up into two parts.  She reigns over one part that doesn't involve me.  So that means change.  What if they hire some horrible Nazi dictator that makes my life miserable?  Oh that horror that would be.  It's not like I can go get another job-well I guess I could, but I really like my job and the doctors and patients I have.  It just worries the hell out of me.  The interim person now could very well just be made the new manager.  I don't know enough about her to say whether I'd be ok or not.  I just want to be left alone.  I go to work, I do a damn good job, I go home.  That's what I like and how I want it to stay.

I'll keep you posted.

Today we have new to me Seche polish.  Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Girly Bits January Morning, Seche Warm and Cozy and Versatile with Lilacquer Selkie.

I started with alternating these colors.

Ott Lite

Aren't these gorgeous????  Next I stamped using Bundle Monster plate BM H12. This design is on the Thanksgiving plate and I have no idea what it represents.

I then added a layer of January to the purple and Selkie to the teal.  It would have been much better had the sun been out.

Close Up

Not sure I'm loving this whole look.  I love the base colors, but am just meh about the finished mani.

What do you think?  Oh and this Seche polish is awesome.  It's a one coater.  Which means good for stamping!!!!

Do you adjust well to change?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?