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Monday, November 18, 2013

Love Me Some Grey

I decided I wanted to do a mani with all grey tones.  Remember when I put out the call for grey polish? Yeah that's what's in store for today.

But first, the proposition to beat all propositions.

You all know I'm on the online dating sites.  It's been over two years now and so far all I've gotten out of it is fodder for my blog.  I know you all enjoy my stories, I just wish I had more luck for me on here.

Anywho, I woke up the other morning to a new message.  It said, "I'd like you to join me and my wife of 20 years in a polyamory relationship.  My wife is not Bi, but is looking for a Sister Wife."


I so wish I were joking and making this up, but sadly, it's all true.

So his whole profile description is defining the difference between polyamory and polygamy. There are pictures of him.  Yes he's rather large and slovenly, what did you expect?  Val Kilmer from the 80s?  Sorry, I had a huge crush on him back then. Know what's missing?  Pictures of his wife.  If you're asking me to join the two of you, I want to see what she looks like, am I right?  I mean come on.  Just cause I'm not having sex with her doesn't mean I don't want to see what she looks like!

Man I need to get off this site!!!!

Here's the silly bottle shot for today.

This is Nails Inc The Thames, Enchanted Polish Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and A England Ascalon.

I started with skittles.



Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Technically, Lucy is a sheer pinky holo, but I thought it'd go nicely with these two grey polish.  I just love Ascalon and the shimmer.  Seriously awesome.

Next I simply did some dots and lines and my funky of course.  Here are the results.


Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun

Close Up


How awesome is this?  I love this mani big time.  No it's nothing to write home about, but I love these colors together a lot.  Plus, Ascalon makes me happy.

How can you not smile at that sparkle?

So should I give up life as I know it and become a Sister Wife?


Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?