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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I've officially moved to my new office in the basement.  The first day, it was so hot in there, we had to prop the door open just to cool off a bit.  Three different sets of maintenance guys came, crawled around in the ceiling and promptly left and gave up. Each set of guys was prettier than the last, and I say that sarcastically.

The next day though, guys who knew what the hell actually got the job done and the air conditioner came to life.  I thought I'd show you that I am not exaggerating the cubicle farm in a tiny space story.  Here is the view if you are standing in front of my desk looking forward toward the front door.

This was moving day.  The cart at the bottom of this picture held the stuff from my other office that I was moving here.  It is just this tight in there.

Here is my new space before I moved my stuff in.

Ah home away from home.  Notice the color of the walls-it's peach not orange as it looks here.  Puke!  The rug is new, which is nice, but not so nice when you have rolling chairs.  This is actually a bit more space than my last cubicle desk-about an inch higher and a couple inches wider.  So how can I complain right?????

Now today's mani is very simple because I had no time to do anything awesome. The other problem was the sun not cooperating for me.

Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is Chanel Malice and Taboo.  The two most gorgeous colors ever.  I thought I'd wear them together.  I wore Malice and an accent of Taboo.  I added a heart stud to each nail, which promptly fell off the next day, but I didn't have time to use nail glue, so that is my bad.

Here are the results.

This last picture I took with my iPhone when the sun came out for about one second.  It captures the beauty of these two polish together.  I'll have to redo this combination.

I leave you with a picture of my babies snuggling.

Aren't they the cutest????????

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?