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Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Niece's nails part one-

We interrupt this post to tell you that I was just hearing some weird knocking noises outside my window.  I ignored it at first, but then realized it sounded like a woodpecker pecking my house.  I rushed outside, and there he was, pecking a hole in my siding!  I scared him off, he went around the corner and started in again!  WTF people???  I live in the woods!! There are plenty of trees around, trust me!  Dude decides to peck on my house.  Ah the fun of living in the woods.

Some sad news as well.  Cujo the spider is gone.  I'm not sure if I squished him before I left on vacation, but he is no longer living outside my kitchen window.  Part of me is sad, but not really THAT sad!!

OK back to today's topic.  

While I was on vacation, I told you I'd be doing my niece's nails.  This is the first of two posts that will feature our nails together.  Now since I was on vacation, I had limited nail polish-(only 24!) and I didn't bother with the steps and the bottle shot.  

You'll have to just forgive me those indiscretions.

Let's start with the nails I did for her first.  She picked out the colors and the design. All I did was do what she wanted.  She's definitely going to be a nail girl when she gets older.  She just turned 7 and already loves going to the salon and getting mani pedis.  

Here is the mani I did for her.

Now for this I used the set of pastels from Lime Crime.  I started with a base color, then added a half of another color.  I added dots and a heart stud.  This literally fell off in one hour!  I spent three hours doing them and it lasted an hour!  My fault totally.  I forgot she had been playing with PlayDoh and I didn't clean her nails with remover first.  Such a bummer!  This came out way better than mine.

Once I had done hers, I ran out of patience and ideas for mine.  Here's what mine looked like.

For mine, I used colors from the new Zoya Cashmere collection.  Then I cut up a random nail polish strip and added a couple of studs.  I am not loving this at all. Just saying........

Here are our two hands together.

I always love doing my niece's nails and we have so much fun picking out what to do and what colors to use.

Stay tuned for the next installation of my niece's nails!

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?