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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Caboodles-Past and Present

I have something a little different for you today.  My mom and I have been using Caboodles cases for years and I decided to do a post showing the differences throughout the years.  There is one case that I don't know the year it was bought.  I have to find out and will edit this post when I do!

Here is a picture of all the different Caboodles my mom and I have.

Pretty cool eh?

Let's start with the oldest one, which is mine.  I bought this back in 1995 and use it twice a week every week since then.  It travels with me wherever I go.  Here is my Caboodles case.

Here's what it looks like open.

I love it.  It's nice and sturdy and has held up all these years!

Next up, is one of my mom's. Her first one is from 2004.  Here is a picture.

Here is what it looks like open.

See the difference?  Mine doesn't have a mirror and mine opens out to the side. These two are very similar in size and looks on the outside.  It's the inside that's had the changes.

The next one, is the one I'm not sure of the date.  It's my mom's other Caboodles case.

Here's what it looks like open.

Now this one is much bigger than the first two I showed you.  This has much more space and shelves.  I kind of want this for myself!  Don't tell my mom though!!

Lastly, is the newest Caboodles.  I got this specifically for my vacation this year.  It's the 2013 Gilded Nail Valet.  Here is a picture.

I got the teal one, but this does come in pink.  I called Caboodles and ordered direct, but they are supposed to be found in Target and Walmart. Just not in mine! HAHA!

This has a mirror and holders for brushes in the lid and a pull out shelf with space for 24 polish in the bottom!!!! I was worried when I first saw this holder, that it wouldn't hold all the weird polish bottle shapes, but it really does! I tried with OPI, RBL, Lime Crime, all shapes work with this!

Here are the pictures.

The first picture shows the pull out shelf in front.  You know I told you I'd be doing my niece's nails-well, I couldn't decide what colors to bring, so I ordered up this case so I could bring more polish!!  You can see how I've used this.  I do love it. It's so awesome for toting around your polish and the supplies that goes with it.

Oh and you can order a name plate, which of course I have done.  It just hasn't arrived yet!  So I'll have a personalized nail polish case!!!  How cool is that???

So that has been a little random trip down Caboodles lane.  I hope you enjoyed this!  Do you own a Caboodles?

Stay tuned, next post will be with my niece's nails!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?