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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Feelin' Green......

Today is my baby Checkers birthday.  She is eleven.  I remember the day I brought her home from the shelter.  She was six weeks old and fit in the palm of my hand barely weighing two pounds.  She laid in my hand on the car ride home, throwing up from the movement.  She's never liked being in the car.  After I brought her home, she got very sick with a respiratory infection she had picked up at the shelter.  I was taking her to the vet almost every day.  She refused to go into a carrier, instead she clung to my shoulder and I had my hand on her back.  She was not expected to live. The vet didn't tell me this until after she survived. I would boil water for the steam and feed her with a syringe.  This went on for two weeks.

It seems like yesterday.  Now she's eleven and I think about the fact that my time with her is precious and just how much I love her.  The cats I've had before all passed at thirteen.  With her being eleven, well you do the math!  I'm definitely aware of this fact, and I make sure that I take as much time as I can telling her how much I love her.  She sleeps on my pillow at night wrapped around my head.  Without her there purring, I can't fall asleep.

Sorry, wasn't trying to be all maudlin this morning. Here is a picture of my birthday girl.

Isn't she the cutest??

Here is your silly bottle shot for today.

This is Zoya Hunter, Chick Polish Moss and Bettina Orchidea.

I started with a full mani of Orchidea.  This is actually a light mint IRL.

Ott Lite

Ott Lite
Next I placed a bunch of tape.  Here is that step.

Looks simple-but just wait.  Next I filled in these stripes.  Here is that step.

I removed the tape and did some clean up.

Pretty, but not done yet.  Next I replaced the tape with green tape and added a stud to the base of my nails. Here are the very cool results.

Ott Lite

Ott Lite

Close Up

Personally, I am in love with this mani.  I am a total fan of green after brown of course.  I just love this so much I hated taking it off.

What do you think?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?