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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Driving home nails

Since I showed you my driving to vacation nails, I thought I'd show you my driving home nails.  These are nothing fancy as I didn't have the time or patience since it was my last day to spend with the family.

While I was up there, I bought a Pandora-like bracelet.  You know the ones. You buy beads as you go along making up the bracelet any way you like.  Mine happens to be Fenton Art Glass. These beads are hand painted!!! They are so tiny, I just can't imagine being able to paint something that small.  But then I think, I paint my nails! That's small too!

I started with three beads.  One my mom picked out, called Navajo.  One with a loon on it for our camp in Canada and one with all the colors of brown that I love.  The bracelet holds about 15 beads.  I'd been thinking about buying this for awhile now, but never really did the price comparison or really researched it at all.  I love it and have not taken it off since I got it!  Part of the reason is, it's a beeyotch to get on by yourself!!!

Here I am holding the bracelet with the simple Fall mani I did.

I simply used OPI A Piers to be Tan and Deutsch You Want Me Baby.  I love these two colors together. Just a simple homage to Fall.  The leaves were just starting to turn in New York while I was there.  Isn't my bracelet pretty?

Remember my post on my friend who's afraid of sunflowers?  Well, I saw my dad's garden and just had to stand in the middle of that garden and snap a photo for my friend.  He got me back by sending me a picture of him wearing a sunflower tie! HEHEHEH!  Here are the gorgeous sunflowers my dad grew.

So that concludes my last vacation post.  It always seems to take forever to arrive and then it's gone in the blink of an eye.

I have already been back to work as you read this.  The first day back is always painful.  I had been off for 12 days!  The vacation must have relaxed and calmed me because I didn't flip off one car on my way too and from work that day.  I can't say that for the next day, but you know-can't change a tiger's stripes as they say!

I do know my cats are so happy to have me home.  They have been glued to me since I got home!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?