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Monday, June 13, 2011

Revenge - Lindsay Lohan Style

To all of you out there who have been dumped by a text message, to those that have been told, "I've found someone else" and "I hope we can still be friends" this post is for you. Yes, I just got such text. When did it become ok to break someone's heart in a 3 sentence text? Why don't you grow a pair??  And the kicker? He wants to share my blog with her because "she likes nail polish too." Well this one's for you, ex honey.

Remember when LiLo was in court? No, I don't remember which time there have been so many! But on one occasion, she had a special mani for the judge that I decided to use for this post today. I'm sorry but all the pics I found had the message blurred out.

Now you know that I don't do the light colors but my message today just wouldn't show on my usual dark colors. They are all Essie, 3 are cremes and Loophole is a shimmer. I will put their names under their respective picture.

                                      Essie Mint Apple Candy
                                            Black Sharpie

                                          Essie Blanc
                                        Black Sharpie

                                           Essie Sand Tropez    
                                                Black Sharpie

                                         Essie Loophole
                                          Black Sharpie

Has anyone out there had this happen to you? Do you want to send a message to that person that you did me wrong? Well send them a link to this post with my regards. My heart is broken people, yet I'm better off without him. My brain knows this. I can and will do so much better!

Show me your love world! Become followers, send me comments, share your stories. Help me get past this. Show them they can't keep us down!


  1. I love your reaction. Instead of hiding you yell. Way to go girl! :)


  2. Yes I find it's better than crying!! Just wish I knew whether he's seen it or not! That would be priceless!

  3. You go girl. Texting your way out of relationship is sooooo chickenshit. And the new honey will find out eventually what all women should know...If he'll fool around on her with you, eventually he'll be fooling around on you with someone too.

  4. Thanks Sandi- I am always afraid this post is going to turn people off!

  5. thats brilliant :P he's awful childish anyway to break up with you by text. at least you got the last laugh :)

  6. @Musical.X- thank you so much for liking this post-I sometimes wonder if people won't like it!

  7. hahaha brilliant:)


  8. what a piece of sh*t! i can't believe that twat would show his wh*re your awesome blog/tell you he would - doesn't he get that you hate them both?! sucks that you can never tell what an a-hole a guy is til it's over. i had a guy break up with over the ph when i was really sick, he hung up right away and then wouldn't take my calls so i could get some answers (oh closure!),or explain why over text. he just kept claiming it was 'too much' or some B.S. like dumping me was hard on him. he was so cheating and i know who with & to this day he still denies it! men are cowards. You will definitely do way better in the future!

  9. @ER-Nails- I thought so! His mom wasn't too happy!

    @Nail polish anon- I appreciate you saying so!


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