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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Getting risqué with a Happy Ending

After work Friday, I went to Target (I always say tar-zhay) to stock up. Is it just me, or do you guys go in there for a few things and end up spending $100? It never fails, and I didn't even fill half of a hand basket! Anyway, I decided to check out the nail polish section, which I normally don't do. I have to admit, I'm a little bit of a nail snob and don't buy the drugstore brands. It's just a quirk of mine. Call it what you want. So imagine my surprise when I found Seche Vite, Essie and Sinful brands along with the normal Sally Hansen, Nicole and Revlon drugstore brands. When did Target get so hip in the polish department? I knew that Essie was bought out and would now be in drugstores but Seche Vite?

I was immediately drawn to a couple of Essie colors that I will share with you on later posts. A couple of colors I didn't buy but then was pissed at myself that I left without them. I ended up going online and ordering them anyway. This is why I don't have a wish list of colors. If I see something I like, I buy it. You never know when a color will be discontinued or become so popular that you end up spending $45 on EBay for Chanel Black Satin back in the day which is now available everywhere for regular price. This is my true story! Tell the truth, this has happened to you too right?

But I digress. I then perused the Sinful line. While I do own about 10 of them, I have yet to try the brand! Hey how can you pass on $1.99 polish? I saw a bright green bottle and was ready to look past.  I don't do the bright neon colors, dark is my bag. Then I laid eyes on the name of the polish, "Happy Ending". Immediately my mind sunk to the gutter and I was picturing illegal massage parlors giving men a "bonus" with their massage, if you get my drift. Am I the only one that thinks this? Am I so deprived and depraved in the head that a nail polish name makes me think of sex? Are they selling nail polish or what?  Don't people at Sinful think maybe that name is too provocative for a neon lime green with gold shimmer polish? What does that color have to do with a happy ending?

I'm glad I'm only wearing this color for today. I actually don't like this color whatsoever. Way too bright and hip for me. The polish was thin and needed several layers so as to not have VNL (visible nail line). To my surprise, however, I am loving the brush. Small and stiff, it works for me. For the first time, I don't have much cleanup to do and it's due to the brush. Awesome. Loving it.  I sort of knew that I wouldn't like the color in the store but couldn't resist passing up on a polish with that name. Maybe that was Sinful's marketing strategy?

As a side note, I want to thank my 4 followers and 5 readers for signing up on my new blog. It really means a lot that you like what I have to say enough to join me in my obsession. I hope you continue to like what I'm doing. And maybe, you will encourage others to sign up with me! I would love to make it to 10 followers and 10 readers as my next goal in life. It's the small things that make me smile.  Come on guys, help me reach my life goal! Yes it looks like for now, the Google friend connect app is again working on my blog. Makes me so happy to see it.

As for Sinful Happy Ending, can someone explain to me what Sinful was thinking in naming this polish?  What do you think they meant? And who really loves this color and why?

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  1. You are hilarious. Your over-analytical mind is highly amusing, continue to enlighten us, I love it! As to your question - I have no idea why they would call that polish "Happy Ending". I think that name would be more suitable to a pink, golden yellow or lilac colour, but hey, that might just be me. Personally, I'm a huge fan of green and would totally rock this colour. Thanks for making me smile with your post! xx


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