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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The sad cat lady becomes a Trophy Wife

After my sexy daydream in the middle of Target, my eyes landed on a beautiful peacock, teal blue shimmer polish. I just had to have it. The name of this one? "Trophy Wife". Is my mind trying to tell me something? Am I becoming one of those weird cat ladies that people make fun of? Yes I do live alone with my 2 cats and my nail polish.  My cats are my best friends. First is Sam, who weighs 26 lbs and is afraid of thunderstorms.  The next is Checkers who sleeps on my head.  Is there a problem?

What's your point? Maybe my subconscious is telling me that I'm lonely, maybe my life isn't fulfilling me in some way. Maybe I need to get out more.  Maybe if I switch to decaf?  

(pauses for reflection)

WTF? Wait a freakin' minute! What is this, Dr Phil? Oprah? Or is my blog supposed to be about pretty colors on my nails? Don't sign off-I swear I haven't gone off the deep end. I didn't name these polishes. I pick the colors I like and they just happen to have these funky names.

I want my blog to be more than just about the color.  I want to amuse you with my take on life.  I also want a job naming polishes.  How does one get a job like that? Does anyone know how I can go about doing that as a living? Doesn't that sound like fun? Imagine the names I could come up with......or maybe not.

I must say that my camera is messing up the color of this Essie Trophy Wife. It's much more teal than these pictures show. It's making me mad! This color is so heavy on the shimmer I might even call it a metallic. I did get some visible brush marks with the formula but overall I have no color like this at all in my collection. Crazy right?!? I must have about 150 bottles and this is a new color for me. Madness.

In the past few days, I have gone from a happy ending to being the sad cat lady to a trophy wife.  I'm exhausted!  What'll I think of next? Check back on Thursday to find out!

Isn't nail polish fun????