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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pity Party Over-Now It's Smooth Sailing

Yes I had my own little pity party the other day. Don't you ever have days like that?? Maudlin and boohoo my life sucks kind of days? Well that's over for now.  I soothed my poor soul by ordering 7 new bottles of nail polish.  Holos, glitters and duochromes, oh my! That'll cure any blues right?!?

Speaking of blues, I have added to my Essie blue collection. So many pretty blues, so few nails to paint! Today I decided to show you Essie Smooth Sailing. This is a current collection color. You know I strive to be outside the mainstream but this color really caught my eye.

I call this color cornflower, periwinkle blue. It has fine silver shimmer. I could have stopped after one coat because there was such great coverage. But I went ahead and did my usual two coats. The pictures do not do it justice.  The pictures make it seem more a normal blue and this is far from normal.

The first 4 are in the sun, the last 2 are in normal light.  There is some difference, but I couldn't capture the cornflower blue in it's beauty.

This is such a different blue then I've seen lately.  I really love it. Don't you? On later posts I'll show you the other blues I got.

Wait til you see the cool colors I have on order.  You will flip out! I'm freakin' out with anticipation. Any guesses as to what color I do next??