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Friday, June 24, 2011

Some Whine with my Cheese

I decided to overhaul my blog's look.  I am getting very sad that no one seems to like what I'm doing enough to sign up and be a follower.  Other blogs seem to take off like wildfire, while my little blog gets forgotten.  I can see that people are looking, just window shopping I suppose.  What is it about other blogs that make you guys sign up? What am I doing that is so different?

My friends tell me, be patient, it takes time. You're supposed to blog because you love it, not to get followers.  Yes I know this, but it's nice to have validation. Plus, I have never been a patient person!

I bought myself a couple of bookshelves to house my ever growing polish collection.  I thought I'd show you the before and after pictures.

Obviously the before

I don't have nearly the amount of polishes that others have, but I'm working on it! I'm not one to just buy random sets or colors. I only buy what I think I'll like and wear. I won't go out and buy a whole collection just to swatch for a blog. That's not for me.

The first half of the after

The remaining after

Originally, this bookcase was built to be one tall 5 foot thing.  I put it together like that, arranged all my polishes, and proceeded to watch Checkers bat them around all night long while I tried to sleep. Not gonna happen! So I broke it apart and rigged it to be two small cases that fit on top of my desk where I do my blog.  How appropo! To have my polish right in front of me gives me ideas and incentives to continue blogging.

I also wanted to show you my Zoya Suvi mani with it's chips and tip wear. I also practiced my Konad skills to show you. Some are crooked, some are smeared. This happened when I added top coat. Is that supposed to happen? Can I get some helpful tips to make it better?

Now that my polishes are all neat and tidy, I bought 4 more bottles today.  Holos.  Can't wait to get and try those!

Don't worry, I won't stop blogging.  I actually do enjoy putting my thoughts out there.  I realize I'm wordier than others, but that's me in real life.  If I'm the only one who reads this, I'll still be a happily obsessed polisher.

Do you like my new look? I think it's groovy.


  1. Because the konad images are so thin on the nail, they smudge very easily. Thick top coats like Seche Vite tend not to smear, as long as you try not to go over the same spot twice and be very light handed with your strokes :)

  2. Thank you so much for your help! I do use Seche Vite but on top of my nail color. I then used a thinner top coat on top of the Konad. I thought 2 layers of Seche would look too thick- but I'm going to try that today! Thanks again for reading.

  3. I always just do the konad on top of my nail color, and THEN the SV-- I find my tips wrinkle with 2 coats of SV, if that makes sense? It drives me nuts when my nails look pruny! I also haven't found any difference between using konad over topcoat or normal color, so you may want to try that :)
    PS don't stress so much over followers! People tend to come back to established blogs, and you're well on your way <3 Just do what you love and people will find you :)

  4. I just tried the Seche sandwich. It came out ok. May not have the patience to wait for the polish to dry- but that does sound reasonable to try too! I mention your help in my post for Tuesday! Your name in lights! I try not to stress about the followers- it's a way of validation knowing people are looking. I don't see you on my list- hahaha! Thanks again for reading!

  5. I spent a good bit of time this morning trying! I'm having technological issues. Hopefully I can sort them out soon! I've only started looking at nail blogs this weekend, so it's nothing against you XD I thumbed your blog up on my stumble so that I don't lose you, and hopefully to bring in some more traffic :)

  6. I was only joking, but I'm so happy to see you signed up! And I'll take all the traffic to my blog I can get! Thank you so much!


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