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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Holy Hell I'm Dying Here!

I saw on All Lacquered Up about Nails Inc coming to Sephora. I had to try it because she always raves so about it. So I ordered up the autumn set of fall colors (natch) and one of the top coat. Michelle always says it's the cat's meow. Well let me tell you- she does not tell a lie! This top coat promises to be touch dry in 45 seconds. Yes people I said 45 seconds! I kid you not. It also says it leaves a wet looking shine that I'm all about.

I was in a total rush this morning, had to get to hair dye day. I picked the deep red color called St Pancras. Yes it's not the best name but holy hell it's the most pretty color red I've seen in awhile. I could have stopped at one coat it was so awesome in it's pigmentation. Then I slapped on this new top coat and I kid you not, this sh*t was dry to the touch in 45 seconds. I'm not going to lie, I did not set a timer so I can't officially say it was 45 seconds. Next time I will. What I will say is that it was damn fast. I finished my nails and 10 minutes later I was out the door.

Now others may do this all the time, but for me, I'm one who has to sit for an hour to dry or else I mess my nails up. So for me to feel confident enough to leave after 10 minutes is HUGE for me. In the back of my mind, I figured I'd mess them up and have to come home and start over but nay that did not happen. I do have a dent in one nail but only I see that and a coat of top coat will get rid of that. As for the shine? These babies are blinging! I don't get this kind of finish with Seche and always end up adding a layer of CND Super Shiney to get the shine I like. I'll say it again. Holy Hell this sh*t is awesome- and only costs $10!

If you hadn't already guessed, I already placed another order with Sephora for more top coat and more colors. This is now my favorite brand of all time (well it's not RBL) but still! This red was so perfect and pretty, I didn't even feel the urge to stamp over it. That plus I was feeling supremely lazy! But seriously, it's so pretty, I'm gonna let it speak for itself.

I also cut off 3" of my hair. I gave up trying to grow it out. Was too hot, way too much work and just couldn't take it anymore. The bonus? My nails match my hair today! Have you guys ever done that?!? The other bad news is my hairdresser told me that the texture of my hair has changed with age and my hormones and I now have little orphan Annie curly frizzy hair growing in! Absolutely hate it! Am considering a Keratin treatment to get my lovely smoothness back, but it's expensive. Will have to see how pissed I get at the frizz! Yes totally random TMI for you today!

Wanted to also show you that after 3.5 days, this polish is showing minuscule tip wear, no shrinkage like Seche does and is still glorious.  I am one who adds a layer of top coat everyday.  I'm addicted to shine! This is even after a lot of typing!

Are you getting my excitement yet? I am dying over this polish brand.  Anyone in the UK who wants to get me more colors, I will get you USA brands that you can't get and we'll swap! Use my contact form.



  1. nice to hear it dries so fast :) it looks fab on you :)

  2. It really frustrates me when UK brands of polish are cheaper in the states than they are here! From the Nails Inc website it's £12 (about $19.50 at todays exchange rate) for the Kensington Caviar topcoat! It's the same for Butter London. It does look great on you though, and super shiny :)

  3. That is a hawt topcoat. I wonder if my Sephora has Nails inc...

  4. @thirdworldnails-hello to the philipines! I love the word dang- my grampa used to say that all the time!

    @Paulina- thanks for the compliment

    @Helly- that really sucks! It shouldn't be like that!

    @Laura- I think it's only online

  5. I seriously gotta get my hands on that top coat. 10 minutes is amazing time!

  6. That's a beautiful red! It's almost time to dye my hair again too! I too am a fellow red head (that I wish was natural!). I will have another tutorial soon...for a wire necklace!

  7. @Sandra- yes this stuff is awesome! And shiny!

    @P&C- didn't know you were a red head! What color? And yeah necklaces!

  8. It changes...I've been a purple maroon red, bright red, dark red...right now it's a more brown, but red in the sunlight..When I see a color I like I try it!

  9. 45 seconds! That's awesome!

  10. Wow I'm intrigued I've never heard if this brand but if it's all u say it is I need to get my mitts on some, and 45 min topcoat would be freakin awesome! I'm checking my sephora asap, and I didn't know your hair could change texture with age, That's so crazy.

  11. @P&C-nice! I've tried all reds too!

    @Nail-venturous- yes it's pretty awesome!

    @Beauxsmom- run do not walk to Sephora.com! And yes, I'm finding all sorts of things changing since I hit 43, the hair thing really bums me out!

  12. LOVE it! I'm dying to get my hands on some of this polish!

  13. @KarenD-Yeah and I live for shiny!

    @Olivia C-sephora.com! I've already bought 20 bottles! I have to cut myself off!


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