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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Enchanted Polish October 2014

Last post I hinted that I needed my time off for something other than the flu.  Those who pay attention will remember that I go to Myrtle Beach every year in February.  That's another reason why this blog has been neglected.

This year, the weather was amazing.  Blue sky, no clouds and low 70sF for the daytime highs.  Mom and I were in heaven.

Here was our typical day.  Get up, watch the sunrise, which if I'm being truthful, I missed every day, but mom saw it.  Then we would sit in the sun on the balcony reading for 3.5 hours.  Then we would go shopping and have lunch somewhere then either back in the sun, or I would assume the position laid back in the lazy boy chair.

This lasted for me an entire week.  There is nothing else like that kind of time off.

Last year, mom and I got lost trying to find one of the Tanger outlet malls.  We were throwing the F bombs around and swore this year it would be different.  Well it wasn't.  We got lost again and couldn't find the stupid mall.  The issue was, the map was misleading.  It tells you to go south when you're supposed to go north.  So it wasn't our fault this time!  I put the directions in my iphone so next year we will know where we are going.

We definitely spent money.  I always stock up as the outlet stores have such good prices.  This year I found dress pants called envelope culottes.  They are calf long culottes but there are two panels of fabric and the way they are stitched, the panels fold over each other.  It's hard to describe.  I bought three pair as I loved them so much.

The issue however, is when you sit down the panels split apart and you can see my whole leg! So it was a bit of a pain to keep messing with the pants as I wore them at work this week.

Here are two of the outfits I wore to work. If you zoom in on the black pair, you can see the two panels and how they fold over each other.

I was just sending these to my mom so I wasn't posing therefore, had to take my face out! The other issue I found was my knee high hose ain't cutting it.  When I walk, the panels sort of float apart and you can see the hose don't go all the way up. LOL. I need thigh high, but damn I hate those things.

I then stocked up on underwear at the Jockey store.  They have a new way of measuring you for your bra size. It's a kind of 3D measurement thing.  I'll link it here for you to check out.  The first time I put it on, it was so freakin tight I was like nope this is going back.  But the store lady said bras are supposed to be that tight.  I've been wearing the wrong size all my life.  I've since worn them a lot and really like them.

Then we went to the bookstore.  Mom bought like 15 books and I bought like 17 or so.  Yes we are serious book fiends. Last thing I got was a bunch of $6 shirts from Forever 21 to sleep in since my acne skin care bleached the crap out of all my jammies.

Oh and I made it my mission to get a serious sunburn/tan.  I used mom's oil and I was red! But now it's faded to a nice hint of color.  My forehead got burned and I have a rash now, but it's all good.

It was a really good time.  I can't wait for next year.

This polish I'm about to show you is much more gorgeous in real life.  I could not get a good picture.

Here is EP October 2014.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This bottom picture is the closest to accurate.  I love these kind of colors!

Next post-work update!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?