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Friday, January 13, 2017

Enchanted Polish Prism of Darkness

I haven't worn polish in over a week so I will be posting other things until I get my polish game back on.  The last set of gel dip nails I did came out so freakin good that I just wanted to leave them be.  I did mattify them as I'm still practicing for when they ban nail polish at my job.

Wait............I didn't tell you the latest have I?

It seems that when the nail polish ban got to the Medical Executive meeting (the one I really wanted to speak at), there was a Human Resources person there and since this is such a huge dissatisfier, HR got involved.

What this means is a looooooooong delay in this policy if it even still goes through.  Remember the ban was to go into effect February 1.  As it got closer and I hadn't seen an official post about this, I got curious and wondered if maybe, just maybe my protest meeting with the high ups had done something.

I think perhaps it has!

There are mixed feelings among my coworkers about whether this will still go through. My old boss is like of course it will in about six months.  I'm not so sure.  This is such a huge thing to people who wear polish and it will have to go into contracts for the new hires and the new residents and doctors etc that people are going to not accept positions here and other staff will quit over it.

All I know is February 1st is no longer a threat to me and my nail polish!!!

My nails have gotten so long, it's crazy.  Wait til you see next time I actually post polish!

Now work stuff.

They hired another person to do a similar job than mine.  She is to specialize in Gynecology Oncology. Dude, I could never do that all day long.  Nope, not happening here.  No way no how.

Anywho, we were sitting around reminiscing about Stupid.  Remember her?  It seems that she is even stupider than even I thought.  She didn't even know what Googling was!  But the grossest thing I was told is far from disturbing.

She had brought in a Keurig and I never ever used it (thank god).  It seems that what Stupid was doing was, at the end of the day, whatever water was left in the water bottle she had been drinking out of all day long, would be poured into the Keurig water reservoir for the next person to make coffee with.

I'll let that sink in for a bit............................................

Let me just tell you, I vomited a bit when I found that out! I was never so glad at that moment that I had never used that Keurig!

The other point I needed to make, was that this new person doing gynnies, is SALARIED.  No one else is salaried. We are all hourly. We used to be salaried and I loved that, but they took that away. I looked at this chick and told her I thought that was the most unfair thing I had heard in quite some time.  I'm not mad at her, but it's not f*cking fair whatsoever.

Now, today we have a collaboration polish between Chelsea at EP and Sam at Fashion Polish. We all know that Sam has the most gorgeously perfect nails and polish photos of all time.  These two women I've been fangirling over for years!

Here is Prism of Darkness.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This second picture captures the color best.  It's a blackened purple flash holo and freakin cool as sh*t to look at.  I love it big time.  I'm glad I bought it as I wasn't going to due to the ban at work.

Oh and by the way, happy Friday the 13th!!! My favorite day!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?