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Monday, January 9, 2017

Polish My Life Pom Pom Spice

It's 3F outside right now and I'm sitting here with Checkers on my lap listening to One Eyed Doll. It snowed yesterday, I got about five inches but it's the dry powdery stuff that's easy to clear.  Spent an hour cleaning off my car and shoveling with my authentic, straight from NY snow shovel.

Thanks Mom!

What's funny is, my mom flew to Florida to get away from the cold and snow in NY and ran smack into this snowstorm that hit the South.  It hardly ever snows here and it was so random that it's funny to me.

For those of you who are following my cat constipation saga, I have an update for you.  While I was in NY for Christmas, he didn't get his routine dose, which had been 2ccs of Lactulose Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When I got home, I started him back on his dose, but he really hadn't pooped, so this past Wednesday, I gave him 3ccs, which is what I was giving him when I first started him on this path.

Well, by Thursday evening, he had pooped a monster poop, which of course was a good thing, but then he started blowing out with diarrhea.  Yes people, the dam broke and the sh*t hit the fan as it were.  My poor Sam was going and going and I gave him extra food that he likes thinking if he's hungry, that's a good thing.


He threw it all up.

So it's coming out both ends now.  I went on the internet and it said don't give food for 12-24 hours, whoops, should have read that first.  I was up all night with him as he's not a cat who buries his poop. I did not want him to get it all over his feet and legs and track thru the house.  By Friday, it had all worked it's way through him and he's fine.

Now I'm thinking about what do I do now? I know he needs the laxative, but he just had a bout of too much medicine.  This situation is getting stupid.  I spent some time yesterday washing his butt as it was a mess back there!

Oh here's a funny for you.  My family (except my mom) loves the movie "A Christmas Story."  My nephew even has most of it memorized.  He got a leg lamp for Christmas and I have a picture of him just happier than anything with that gift.  Well, it seems that he decided he was going to 'triple dog dare' himself and licked a metal railing outside in the freezing NY winter.

People it really will stick! It's not a movie trick! Why my nephew thought it wouldn't when he's seen Flick get his tongue stuck a million times.  I got a picture from my mom with him with his tongue all bandaged just like the movie.

I'm trying hard not to laugh my a** off!

Now this polish for today is the closest I got to a Christmas mani.  I did do my niece's nails like I have in the past and stupid me didn't take pictures.  I gave her candy cane nails this year.  A base of white then I laid tape down and did red stripes.  It was pretty cool.

Here is Polish My Life Pom Pom Spice.


I am in love with this color, but it stains like a b*tch.  We all know reds do that!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?