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Monday, January 23, 2017

Enchanted Polish December 2013 and a Funky

So it seems the world is now living in fear of little blogs like mine.  I got an email from Google that says that because I linked websites who ask for credit card info should you buy from them, that makes my blog the enemy.

They've told me that you guys out there who use Chrome, will get a warning that my blog may not be safe.

Sh*t, they've figured me out...........

What they want all websites to have is an HTTPS for their web address.  OK just tell me what to do and I'll do it. Ah but here's the rub-since I have a custom domain, which means I made up the name and pay to have it, there's no easy way for me to get an HTTPS as Google hasn't programmed for that yet.

So WTF Google? You're going to flag my blog as bad, but you don't have the means for me to protect my readers? It's just like big companies.  They come up with these grand ideas, but don't bother to figure out the little details, one being my blog.

I sent them my thoughts on that............

I did do my research and there is a way for me to get an HTTPS, but I would have to pay for something called Cloud Flare and do a series of complicated computer programming steps that I just don't think I can do and not screw it up.  Google has said they will come out with a way for the custom blogs to be safe just not right now.

Oh and while I don't have the HTTPS? My blog will be pushed lower down on the google for stuff list.  I just want to tell you my dear readers, that this blog is safe and always will be safe.  I have taken down the two hyperlinks Google told me about, but they said the list is not inclusive.  If you happen upon a link that leads to a store let me know and I'll change it.

For now, I just can't do links.  I'll keep you updated.

Today I have a little surprise for you.  I did nail art! I was so happy that the February nail polish ban has been postponed that I got some inspiration.

I did think about splitting this into two posts. One for the base polish and the next one for the art. That would give you guys twice the amount of posts from me.  Would you want that or all on one post like today?

Need some input on this please!

I grabbed a polish just for me.  This is Enchanted Polish December 2013.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This is a gorgeous cafe au lait brown with a red shimmer with the holo.  I just love it.  Oh and check out my nail length! Thank god for the EZ Dip Gel!!!

I thought I'd play on the red in this polish and did a twist on my funky french.  I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and a custom polish from Cathy at More Nail Polish called "That's My Clinic."

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This totally reminds me of a Gingerbread House at Christmas time.  Not what I was going for, but what I ended up with.  I kind of like it!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?