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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Enchanted Polish Holiday 2016 and a Funky

Work has been so busy that the past two Saturdays I have been slammed with a severe migraine. I have done nothing but sleep and lay with my eyes closed as it's the only thing I can do. It's why I haven't had any posts for you out there.

The newest hire has arrived and Ms Princess originally was given a week to train her, but now for some reason it's been changed to two weeks.  Ms Princess is talking to her like she is five.  The woman has worked at my hospital for twenty years so ain't a dummy.  Ms Princess is the dummy. She's telling her how she just has to get business cards now and stupid crap like that.  I feel so sorry for her. I told her not to listen to anything Ms Princess tells her as we are changing the way her stuff is done.

It's like Ms Princess doesn't quite get that she is not going to be doing this job anymore.  When I called to get her phone number moved to a different desk, Ms Princess flipped out big time.  It's like she thought the new hire would get a new phone number? Um no not happening.  Also, Ms Princess is being so negative about the job and the workplace that random nurses not even involved have gone to the boss to tell them about it.

You know that's bad when random people get involved.  I was hoping they'd go back to the one week which would have ended this past Friday.  We shall see.

Now the other new person-I've got to come up with names for you-is already telling me she's looking for another job.  She was promised all this sh*t like that she could change the program we are doing and that she'd have all this clerical help and stuff like that. None of which has happened.  I knew this the whole time.

They have always said this stuff and nothing ever changes.  It's sad because apparently the outside community hospitals know our program sucks and that's why this new person was hired.  To fix it. Instead it's just a bunch of petty crap going on and power struggles and I keep getting pulled out into the hall so people can tell me their problems.

Yes people.  The people in my office randomly tell me to meet them outside and they pull me down the hall and tell me their woes.  This past week it happened three times by three different people and I only work four days a week!!

The stress is killing me.  Hence the migraines.

Now for the latest in EP Holiday polish.  This is 2016.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This is the longest my nails got before I filed them down. I had broken two of them and had to regel them!  This is a gorgeous purple holo.

But it needed something...................

My funky!!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
I used Bettina Nature Trees for this.  My coworker asked why purple and green.  I said why not????

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?