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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Chanel Emeraude

I finally went and got myself a new iPad Pro.  I got the 9.7" one as I just don't need the huge one. I went to the AT&T store that I always do.  I wanted to sell back the three devices I have.  I have a 5C, 5S and my old iPad 2. They said my iPad was so old it's not even in their system! So I didn't get to sell my stuff back.

A few days later, I got it in the mail. I was all sorts of excited.  Now you all know I'm not computer stupid and have had several apple products and upgrades.  For some reason, I could not get the new ipad to take my old ipad's stuff.  It was driving me nuts.  I reset the pro to factory setting so many times the poor device was begging me to quit.

That morning I had made an appointment to get my oil changed so when I got to the oil change place, I called AT&T and laid into the chick on the phone.  Guess what? There was NO SIM CARD in my new iPad Pro.


The stupid chick kept saying maybe we can find it in the settings section of the iPad.

Think about that for a moment.................................

Do you see the stupidity in that question? If there is NO SIM CARD, how will you find it programmed in the settings section????  I was yelling so loud, the chick at the oil change place was making the namaste yoga be calm motion to me.

I mouthed back to her "I am so f*cking pissed off right now."  The AT&T chick finally told me that I would have to go and get a SIM card.

No sh*t Sherlock.

The problem was, it was 0920 and the store didn't open until 10am.  And I did not want to sit around in my car waiting for the store to open.  What I did was, drive to the store and park right next to the front door.  When dude arrived at 0930, I simply said, I know you aren't open yet, but do you sell SIM cards as I got a new iPad Pro with no Sim card.

The dude was really awesome and let me in the store before it even opened.  He even helped me get my old iPad stuff onto the new Pro as it was still being a pain about that.  That guy was awesome. I told him I was going to put in a formal complaint about this debacle.  That's when dude told me that what I had gotten is what's called an unlocked iPad.

This means that AT&T didn't program it to solely read the AT&T network.  That I can go to any network and any SIM card will work.  He said that's a good thing.  All I know is that it was a pain in the a** to get my iPad Pro working.

Yes it is so worth it.  The picture is so much better and it's way faster and all that jazz.  I hadn't updated for years and it was time.

Now today's polish we have seen before but not in the sun, and it's still gorgeous.  Here is Chanel Emeraude.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now you get the stunning shimmer in this forest green polish.  I love this one big time!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?