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Friday, October 14, 2016

Rescue Beauty Lounge Jane

I thought I'd use this post to talk about my big reveal to you guys last week.  I got a lot of really nice comments from you out there and I really appreciate them!  None of you had any idea of course, as I don't go around telling everyone I meet.  Most people that I work with have no idea.  They usually find out if I get admitted to the hospital for surgery.  Which is coming due.

I usually have surgery every three years since my first one in 1989, but my last one in 2013 was actually after a four year hiatus from being in the hospital for surgery.  So if you do the math, it's been over three years now and I've had this for so long that I know my body very well.

I no longer get Crohn's sores in my intestines.  I only get them in my mouth now. They are painful as hell and make it hard to eat and talk depending on where it decides to show up at that time.  Every surgery since 1998 has been due to adhesions that have wrapped around my intestines causing blockages.  So they go in, clean out the scar tissue and I'm good to go for another three to four years. I can tell when my intestines are slowing down from this.

I usually just call up my doctor and tell him when it's time.  The sh*tty thing at the moment is, my hospital doesn't have the right kind of surgeon there to do my surgery.  So I'm trying to hold out as long as I can!!!

Now you know why my online dating never goes very well as I surely cannot hide a pouch and an IV on my body.  I refuse to not tell someone the truth.  People have told me to not tell someone right away, to let them get to know you better first.  All I can say to that is it would hurt me worse when they turn around and run screaming away as I would have more feelings developed than if I just tell them from the get go.

I was working one time as the charge nurse listening to report when the nurse with me said "I'd rather be dead than have one of those pouches" as the patient we were taking care of had one.  I turned, looked her right in the face, whipped my pants down, pointed to my pouch and said "What the f*ck do you think this it?" I can still picture the shock on her face.  I told her she needs to not say such stupid things when she doesn't know any better.  I told her that I would be dead if I didn't have one.

I still chuckle to myself when I think about that story.  Whipping my pants down and the shock value were priceless to me.  I hate the taboo surrounding this.  One day I've thought about writing a book of my life with this disease.

One day I just might have enough stories like this one to share.

Today we have a gorgeous polish I wore for me.  Rescue Beauty Lounge Jane.


I filed my nails down a bit and shaped them.  They were getting a bit long! I'm hoping my next post will be a new Enchanted Polish holo!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?