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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Polish My Life Storm Clouds, Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas

Today is update day.  I have several.  I finally got my car insurance to approve the repairs to my bumper.  I am still waiting on the check however as the guy's office is in Florida and due to the Hurricane, didn't work on Friday.  I don't want to set up the repairs until I have the check in hand. It's going to suck to have to drive a rental, but they said it should only take four days to fix.

As you read this, I will have gone to the eye doctor for my annual exam.  I will be getting new glasses as I can tell my prescription has changed as I am blind as a bat! I've also been wearing the same pair for four years plus and it's just time.  I noticed big scratches on the lens the other day and it's just another reason to get a new pair.

Yes I've got bifocals people! I don't do contacts.  Just can't do it. And wouldn't you know, a patient complimented my glasses the other day and when I told them about getting new ones, they told me to keep these frames.

My back hurts hasn't been too annoying lately.  Sad to say.  She has finally been increasing her hours, not quite at full time yet, but working on it.  Her new side kick is a weird one and I'm still getting a handle on that one.

But Ms Princess has been a crying mess per usual.  One jag was warranted I think.  Remember she had officially applied for the job title that she is already doing.  They are adding a side clinic to her regular one and hired someone to do that already and didn't tell her! She found out through the gossip channels.  I have to admit, that is sh*tty indeed.  It's the same doctor she works with and I know if my doctor hired someone behind my back for my job, I'd be pissed.

The icing on her cake? They expect her to do this job, work out the kinks in a new computer program for this new person to take over.  So being the princess she is, told me that now she's doing the work of two people. I told her to stop, that she's still doing the same job, it didn't morph into two separate jobs.  It's hard to explain as I can't go to in depth here.

Then I'm in clinic Friday, busy as hell, and she waltzes in as she does, and gets in my face.  Picture a room with a long table with three computers in a row.  I'm at the right computer, another person is at the far left one with a unused computer in the middle.  She's standing on my right, talking to the person at the far left, right into my right ear.  I told her to go away and get out of my face.  Oh she didn't like that of course.  I told her to go over there and stop talking around me.

At this time, I'm on the phone trying to get someone to come fix my computer.  She doesn't know what the issue is, but offers her stupid two cents which is to tell me that the computer guy had come and fixed it yesterday and her doctor was using it with no issue.  Now you all know I'm a computer geek and everyone at work comes to me to fix their computer issues so do you really think I'd call the computer guy if the computer wasn't broken????

Even if it had been fixed the day before? So yeah I lost my sh*t on her and she walked off in a huff saying "you can't talk to me like that." So now she's not talking to me which is completely fine with me.  She completely got in my way and in my face and she's known me long enough to know better.

Oh and I'm still fighting the nail polish battle at work.

Today we have Polish My Life Storm Clouds with Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas.  Mismas is the last name of the person who does the blog "All Lacquered Up".  She created this color way back when.



I just love this purple Mismas.  Haven't worn it in forever!  I next did a simple funky.  Please ignore the damn cat fur.  I didn't see it until I was just cropping the photos!


I love these two colors together! Aren't they pretty!?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?