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Friday, October 28, 2016

Enchanted Polish November 2013

We have a lot to get to today people so I'm just going to get right to it.  First of all, you must get the new Green Day CD.  It rocks as all their CDs rock.  They had a show on TV the other night of them in concert and I was just mesmerized as I love them so much.

The new girl is still doing the stupid mister thing. The next day I had told her to turn it off, I get to work and it's going so when she left the office, I turned it off.  Of course, she turned it right back on. I told her she had to turn it off in a few minutes.  She said ok, but 'forgot' to do so. I finally just told her again to turn it off and 'we aren't going to do this every day.'  She mumbled something and I've no idea what, but the next day it wasn't on.

I'm turning my car in Monday to finally be fixed.  It's about damn time, but I hate the fact that I'll be in a rental without all my easy access stickers on the windshield.  Going to be four days of hell but I need my car back to new for my own happiness.

Now for the BIG deal at work.  Ms Princess is not being offered the job she is doing right now. I told you that she had applied to get the official title and job that she's been doing for six years. Seems the doctors don't want her or like how she does the job.  But of course, they expect her to continue doing it until they find someone else.  That's the sh*tty part and I do agree that's crap to do to someone.

What she did with this is the crap part.  She came to me in my busy clinic asking me to come talk to her.  I didn't know what had happened at that moment so I told her that I'm in the middle of my busy clinic.  She looked at me crying as she does all the time saying I'm just asking for a minute. So I had to go into an exam room and she told me what happened.  I would be upset too, but I'm also thinking the three MDs I'm working with right now are looking for me.

The next day she pulled me into the hall for another of her drama talks. Crying again, she tells me she will tell the boss that she is only going to do this job for another month and that's it. I'm thinking to myself, "great they will expect me to do it as I did it last week when she was off."

Later that day, I went to my boss and jokingly said 'do you not like me anymore?' She looked at me funny and I told her how Ms Princess had pulled me from my clinic and couldn't the boss have picked a better time to tell her this? Then I asked if I was next on the chopping block. As now I am the last one of the originals left.  She said to me, "you'll quit over the nail polish ban before I let you go." Which was nice to hear.

But then she dropped a bombshell on me.  It seems Ms Princess tried to throw me under the bus when she was told she wasn't to be offered the job she is doing.  Now I'm under no delusion that she's all about herself, but to find this out kind of sucks big time.  To my face she is all crying and boo hoo no one wants me, but to the boss, she's stabbing me in the back.

That's f*cked up big time.

It's not my fault that you do so little work and waltz around like you're the sh*t that you were denied this job.  I bust my ass each and every day and my boss knows it.  Oh and the other thing my boss said to me then was to make friends with the new girl.  I almost brought up the stupid mister, but it seemed so f*cking petty at that moment that I let it drop.

Oh one last funny for you.

One of my patients is a rather cranky woman.  She is just not nice.  When I first talked to her on the phone she and I sort of butted heads as I don't take crap from anyone.  Now she and I have a rapport. So she was getting chemo yesterday and I went and told her to be nice to my staff.  The nurse was there just looking at me funny as I said this.  I told her not to worry that she and I have a friendship of sorts.

Then my patient looked at me and said "when I first talked to you on the phone, I thought you were a mean old cranky woman." I looked at her and said right back, "that's because I was talking to a mean old cranky woman." She and I just busted out laughing.  It was a cool moment.

All right, I've talked enough.  Here is the gorgeous EP November 2013.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How freakin gorgeous is this??? Maybe if they do ban nail polish, I'll start painting my toes!

Oh and I promised you guys a look at me, my new hair color and my new glasses.  So here you go.

You can't really see the blue ombre on the side pieces-but you can see the merlot and purple highlights that my hairdresser does for me.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?