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Monday, October 3, 2016

Christian Louboutin Red

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for a very important news bulletin.

The hospital I work for is seriously considering banning nail polish.

Shall I repeat what I just said???

The hospital I work for is seriously considering banning nail polish.

Dude WTF????

I looked at my boss clearly dumbfounded and asked her if she was serious.  She in fact was very serious. I looked at her and told her that this may very well be the tipping point for me to find another job. The mandatory flu shot last year almost did it for me, but not being able to wear nail polish is something I just don't want to do right now.

The policy now is no acrylics (they don't know about my gel dip) and no chipped nail polish. I said to my boss that I don't do any direct patient care.  I ride a desk and stay on the phone all day.  My clinics are no more interaction than you would get at a grocery store.  They would have to make the ban hospital wide, not just the inpatient nurses, but also the office workers etc who don't even touch patients.

One of the way high ups gets her nails done once a week.  She'd have to go without too. But who's going to enforce her?? My boss is such a by the book beeyotch that she was proud to tell me that hell yeah she'd enforce it of her nurses if this ban does indeed become policy.

Of course she would.

I just think I can't go without my nail polish.  Yes I do realize how incredibly stupid this is.  I'm not an idiot.  But there comes a time when all the little things and the big things add up to it just being time to move on.  I plan on fighting this the whole way up the chain as they do not have studies that prove directly that nail polish is the cause.  There are workers there whose nails are so long and nasty you know damn well they have cooties under them and yet those are going to be OK and my short polished nails that I wash with a nail brush aren't??

This will be like the riot I started in my high school when I was a senior.

The rule was you couldn't wear shorts to school, but you could wear crotch riding miniskirts.

I started a campaign putting posters up all over school showing miniskirts versus nice board shorts and how one was allowed and the other wasn't.  My principal hated me for this, but eventually the rule was changed and now shorts are allowed to this day at my school.

My niece was asking my mom about that as they were talking about how shorts weren't always allowed. Thanks to Auntie Fingers, she can now wear shorts!

Tell me your thoughts on this subject.  If nail polish is banned at my job and I don't quit, I'm not one to polish and take it right off.  I'd be back to my sad peeling nubs.  I would not have polish to post about on this blog.

Would you still want me to blog without the nail polish pictures?????

Now this day I was feeling like wearing a $50 polish.  Enter Louboutin Red.


I hate flash shots, but the sun has not shown in over a week where I live.  Haven't had a holo on in days..............

But how damn sexy is this red? I'm sure it has a name other than Red, but I'm too lazy to go get the bottle to write it on here.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?