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Monday, October 24, 2016

Enchanted Polish Love Potion

I am sitting here listening to the new Lady Gaga CD and I'm just not sure what she's doing here.  I miss the sound of her Bad Romance CD.  These songs are just not doing it for me-but I've only listened once so far.  I do love A-Yo.  That song rocks big time.

So it's official.  My back hurts is gone.  I didn't even say goodbye as she was in a meeting when it was my time to go.  I left her a post it.  Sad really that after all the years she put in there that there was no party or anything like they do for other people who have left.  Now I'm one who wouldn't want a party or anything like that.  But I think she might have expected one.

All I know was she was on the phone making her weekly physical therapy appointments, the first one being her second day at her new job.  Her comment being, oh I hope they aren't mad at my new job! Then she was trying to figure out how to bring her special desk and stand mat with her.  She is still under the illusion that she will just be sitting at a desk.

That is far from reality.  She is going back to clinic work at a very busy clinic.  She will not get a chance to sit down as she will be rooming patients and cleaning scopes.  I guarantee she will hate it. And there ain't no way my boss will take her back.

Now onto the other issue that has arisen.

The new girl.  I'm still working on a name for her.

I've told you my office is a small box, no windows in the basement with literally twelve cube desks in it.  I come in last week to this awful overwhelming smell like a nasty plugin scent.  Me not having a filter says loudly, "what stinks in here?" A couple of my coworkers motion back to the new girl but say nothing.

I walk back to my desk and I see that the new girl has one of those fragrance misters that are electric. I could see the mist pouring out of this thing.  She happened to walk out of the office at that moment and my office mates all look to me to tell her to turn it off!


So when she walks back in, I look at her and tell her she has got to turn it off.  That it stinks and I just can't take it.  She turns it off.  All is good.

But is it?

Nope.  The next day, I get to my office and once again, she has that damn mister going. I say to her again that you have got to turn that thing off.  Her reply? "Oh but's it orange this time." Of course I don't give a sh*t what it is and I tell her to turn it off.  I do say that I'm ok with her turning it on for like five minutes in the morning if she wants, but no way is it ok to have that thing going all day long.

Know what else I found out? Seems my boss has the exact same thing in her office so the new girl is copying the boss.  Get a life dude.  My boss has her own office and can run a mister all day long. But if you share an office with twelve people, you cannot do so.

Oh and she is acting like the sh*t boss now that my back hurts is gone.  She and I have already had words.

That's for another day.

Here is another of the new Enchanted Polish.  This is Love Potion.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This is for all you pink berry lovers out there!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?