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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Enchanted Polish Rare Magic

It was finally cold this morning when I got up.  This past week it was 87F and I had to turn on my air conditioner! Crazy for October.  Now it's 38F out there and I'm loving that much better.  Although where I grew up is getting snow right now.  I love snow but not in October.

So I still have not gotten my car fixed.  It's now been five weeks since it was hit.  I told you how I keep emailing the guy telling him I still haven't gotten my check yet.  They actually stopped payment on one check and resent a new one that I never got either.

Want to know why?

Well it seems that the jacka*s that is taking care of my insurance claim sent the check to the repair shop so that's why I haven't gotten it.  Oh but you'd think that if the repair shop had my check, they would have called me to set up the repair right?

Nope.  That didn't happen either.

This whole situation is leaving a bad taste in my mouth and I am pissed.  The repair shop took my money and probably figured it was payment for work already done.  Trust I will be calling them tomorrow to b*tch at them for this.  Plus I got sent a link for a survey from the insurance company. Believe that once this situation is completed, they will get my wrath over this whole debacle.

Oh and I told you I had an incident with the new girl already.

I was covering Ms Princess while she was off last week and in doing her job, needed a schedule from the new girl.  When she handed it to me, I realized the dates were a week old. Now it's not part of my job so I was questioning if this was correct that this schedule was a week old.  The new girl looked right at me and said in the most snotty, snarky voice, "I wouldn't give you the wrong thing. I know how to do my job."

Oh no she didn't just talk to me like that!  She shall pay for that.  But for now, I just glared at her and went about my business.  It's going to be fun working with her all right.

Oh and I told my office mates that they owe me for telling her to turn off the mister. Why they couldn't just tell her I don't know. But she better not have it on when I come to work on the daily. Something may just happen to it.

Now here is the last of the new Enchanted Polish. I'm not sure I like it.  These pictures aren't telling the whole story. Yes it's gorgeous in the sun. But out of it, it's like a green grey nasty color. It's weird.

Here is Rare Magic.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Yes this is gorgeous here-but out of the sun it's not.  It's like Engineered to Destroy from the Mishka trio from back in the day.  My nails are long here! And yes, for now, I'm still doing my EZ Dip gel and polish.  My job will most likely ban it, but for now, they haven't.

I have figured out that I may still do the dip but use the clear gel and top it off with a matte top coat so I can at least still have my nails even if they are bare.  I think that will fool my boss well enough that she won't know they aren't my bare nails.

What do you think?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?