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Friday, September 30, 2016

Rescue Beauty Lounge Revamp

Remember when I got my new car and wore Chanel Malice as matching polish to my car's color? Well that was a wrong color choice.  You see, my car looks black most of the time.  It's only in certain sunlight that you can see the red sparkle that is it's true color.

I have found the perfect match polish to my car.

Speaking of my brand new, factory made for me car..........

I went to hair dye day as I do every 28 days without fail.  I told my hairdresser that I was bored and to do what she wanted with my hair, just to not get me fired. Remember when we did the pink stripes and I got called to the boss's office and told to remove the pink?

Yeah it's like that.

So she came up with this gorgeous deeper more purple color than we had been doing mixed with a light purple scattered about with foils. It really is amazing.

So I was leaving there all feeling fine as my hair was on fleek.  I went to the grocery store. One that I rarely go to.  Rarely.  I get the few things I needed and came out pushing my grocery cart when I got to my car and my jaw dropped.

Can you see where I'm headed here people?

Yup, some a**hole hit my car while it was parked and left without leaving a note.  I was pissed but at the same time I was crying as this type of sh*t happens to me way too often.  Every new car I've gotten someone else has done something to it.  I've NEVER caused an accident.

The dent was on the back driver's side bumper.  The paint was scraped, the seam that was tabbed together was pushed out and sticking up.  My car is not even three months old people!!!! This is so not OK.

I went straight back into the store and got the manager, but of course there is no security cameras on the parking lot.  So I called my insurance, who has yet to call me back and spent an hour in the body shop this past Friday getting an estimate for the damage.

Works out to be cheaper by replacing the bumper instead of trying to fix the damage.  With the paint job and labor the cost is $1150 that someone else caused not me! But I have to pay for it via my insurance.  It's f*cked up is what that is.

Remember the dents I got the day I brought my car home from the hail storm? I asked for an estimate on those and for two tiny dents, it's $100.  So now I have to get a rental car for a good four days and get my three month old 5600 miles so far on it new car fixed.

Whoever hit my car will pay one day with Karma.  It's a b*tch.

Now let's look at the polish that truly matches the color of my car.  RBL Revamp.  Not sure I've ever worn this before!  HAHAHAH! Oh and RBL no longer is in business. Her early polishes were stunning and not five free so the chemical smell wafting from this polish was quite strong indeed!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Here you can see that it mostly looks black.  But if you look at it sideways, you can see the red sparkle inside. This is the color of my new car.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?