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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Yet Another Blog Sale

Here we go again people.  I have too much stuff and need to sell some of it off.  I've figured out that I am allergic to some of these brands of makeup and am not using all the makeup brushes that I have bought.  Oh and the YouTube dream? Not happening.

Just like past blog sales, it's PayPal only and we will figure out shipping depending on what you buy and where you live.  Also feel free to haggle, I need to get this stuff gone.

Let's do this shall we?

First off, we have a used twice ringlight from Amazon.  This I paid $158.00 for and got the company to send me both brackets so you can use two stands or attach your camera right to the light itself.  It's yours for $115.

Yes this is the original packaging as I only used it twice!

Next up is the stand I bought to use with this ring light.

This I paid $19.00 and it's yours for $15.  Used twice.

Here is the stand I bought for my Canon camera.

Bought this local for $40.  It's yours for $28.  It's really great, has telescoping legs and the top holds your camera in all sorts of angles.

Here is a selfie stick I never used.  It's yours for $20.

Still with the original packaging on!

Now onto the makeup part.

This is Sephora Pantone Watercolors 2016 palette.  $25.00

Next we have several Makeup Geek palettes I put together.  I'm not selling these as singles.  Just the palette as is.  Retail these would be $182 per palette.  27 shadows at $6 each and a $20 zpalette. Yours for $130 each.

First is the foils/duochromes.

Next is the blue/greens palette.

Lastly is the reds/oranges, purples and greys.

Next we have the Urban Decay Smoky palette.  $25.

Color Pop singles $2

I don't remember the order these are in.  I have: Porter, Blaze, Telepathy, KathleenLights, Game Face, Weenie, Shameless, Central Perk all used once. Hammered, Midnight and Bae are new.

Five Makeup Geek singles $5 each. Ask me the colors-they are the foiled ones.

Now onto the makeup brushes.

MORPHE-brand new.  Large brushes $7 each, eye brushes $5 each.

From the top: M495, M334, M310, M501, M527, M218, M173, M510, M333, M176

From the top: M208, M200, M167, M224, M209, M169, M165, M217, M215

ZOEVA Large brushes ($20 retail) $13 each, Small Brushes ($11 retail) $6 each. Want the whole set? Make me an offer-I do have the Zoeva makeup brush case! This is almost the complete set. I kept a couple.  The set sells for $227 retail.

From top: 122,125, 105, 104, 127, 101, 106

From top: 110, 142, 222, 227, 234, 221, 228, 231, 233, 223, 226, 230, 237, 317, 312.
Remember-these came from Europe!

And lastly we have SIGMA. Large brushes ($20 retail) for $14 and small ($14 retail) for $8.

From the top: F80, F35, F86, E59, E20, E58, E47, E44, E46, E56, E11.

There you have it.  My latest blog sale.  Please feel free to make me an offer if you want brush sets etc. I want this stuff gone!  Please use my contact me button under my blog photo to ask about buying anything you see here.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?