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Friday, July 29, 2016

Colors by Llarowe Little Red Corvette

I was in the mood for a true red holo.  This is not one.  I thought it would be, but it still leans berry. Not that I'm hating it, it's quite beautiful in fact.  I just wanted a true red holo.  My search continues.

I recently cleaned my thirty gallon fish tank and whenever I do that, I always restock my fish count up to twenty five or so.  I bought six this past time and three have already died.  One was dead when I got home from the store.  I wouldn't have complained if it were just the one, but three? And two days later? Nope, I have to complain about that.

They were a dollar each and the store better not give me any crap.  I've never had this happen before when I've bought fish there.  The chick did say that they had just gotten a new shipment in and lots of times the fish die from the transport.

What this made me do was do a little research on my fishy pets and where they come from. It was not good things that I found on the internet.  My fish are considered fresh water tropical and they are farmed and shipped in small amounts of water and their lives are awful etc and it made me feel bad. My fish have a great life in my tank, but reality is, no they won't reproduce in my tank and theoretically, I could be helping to make extinct these fish in my tank.

Oh and remember when I had a betta? Their life to get to the store is even worse.  They are crammed in a small ziploc type bag with a tiny amount of water, then crammed in with more bettas in bags and shipped in big cardboard boxes.  I know this is the truth, but I wish I hadn't looked it up because now I feel sad and guilty.  I need to do more research to see if there is a store that does more humane treatment of my fish and spend my money there.

Does anyone out there know more about this and can help me?

Here is the very gorgeous Little Red Corvette.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How gorgeous is this???? I love it-just wish it didn't lean a bit berry.  Oh and this is the last shot of my super long nails.  I have cut them down for next post!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?