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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Colors by Llarowe Woodstock

I got my Allure magazine in the mail and freakin Kylie Jenner is on the cover.  The article is titled something like, "See how Kylie has changed beauty."  Great, an eighteen year old is going to tell me how she has single handedly changed beauty.  Gee I'm all a flutter  I just may have to stop writing this post so I can go and find out as I'm so mystified and must know now.


Oh and the cover of my US magazine has Kim Kardashian on that.  Why am I surrounded by these people who do nothing?

The good stuff is happening on YouTube right now.  Yes, I used to not even know what YouTube was all about and now I'm sucked in and can't get out.  Oh but side note, one of the doctors told me my makeup looked awesome the other day. I had contoured the crap out of my face and used my Nars Orgasm blush. Yeah I was having a good face day.

So back to the subject.  It started with my new hero, Stephanie Nicole slamming Jeffree Star about being a bully and a horrible person with proof and screen shots.  It was insane.  Then Kat Von D did a video calling out Jeffree for not paying his bills and basically saying she was no longer his friend. Of course Jeffree had to get his two cents in and I watched that yesterday.

He refuted each point Kat had made and showed a screenshot of text messages etc.  The weird thing is that all of the texts were in blue like an imessage is, but the last text Jeffree was focused on was green.  That made me think hmmmmmm, maybe that last text had been changed? I mean, you can freakin manipulate texts, delete some etc.

Personally, I don't like Jeffree Star.  I think he is the person Stephanie showed he is.  If you really want honesty about what makeup to buy etc, go to her channel.  She actually had an Allure article written about her yesterday.  I want to be her bestie!

In my head we are.

It's been 100F here and it's miserable.  I need to mow my yard, but it ain't happening when it's this hot out!!! I don't really have anything more to say right now so let's get to the holo!

This is Woodstock.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Oh how I love this color! OMG it's so gorgeous and sunny and happy! What do you guys think?

Who do  you watch on YouTube?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?