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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Chanel Emeraude

Oh people.  Today we have one of the most gorgeous greens in the nail polish world.  Remember how I had issues with getting my order from UPS and Chanel? Well get this, the day of my delivery, I got two packages.  It seems my reorder got duplicated and I received two sets of polish.

I immediately emailed Chanel and opened one of the boxes long enough to slap the return sticker on the box to ship back to Chanel.  When I got their reply know what they said? They told me to keep both sets of polish for all the trouble I went through getting my order.  So I now have two Emeraude and two Cavaliere!

Yes I am a lucky woman!

Oh and my mom and I won the lottery!! I forgot to tell you.  The Mega Millions is up to some ridiculously high number.  Something like $450 million.  We picked numbers and did some random numbers.  The next day, I was checking to see if we were bazillionaires and saw that in fact, we are still poor, but did win $2!!

Enough to buy two more tickets for the next drawing coming up!  WOOHOO!

Hey, at least it's something.

Work drama continues.  The girl who's back hurts keeps calling out sick.  Then the days she is at work, she's sitting on the floor doing it. Thing is, she isn't setting up an appointment with a specialist or anything like that. Oh and she's set to take off two weeks in August to fly to Hawaii.

Hmmmmmmmm. You can sit for hours on a plane, but can't sit at your desk to do work?

Something seems a bit fishy there.

My issue is I've no idea how to do her job and she'll be gone for two weeks! I know nothing about breast cancer. It's not my thing.  Luckily, after those two weeks are over, I'm on vacation fishing in Canada.  Man I cannot wait!

I keep hoping the dents in my car will magically fix themselves but so far it hasn't!

Let's take a look at this totally magical Chanel Emeraude.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
It has Chanel's signature gold shimmer in it, it has the most gorgeous deep pine green color and this is the new formula.  I really really really like this a lot! Also the inside of the bottle has a narrowing that sort of takes some of the excess polish off it before it is out of the bottle.  Sort of like mascara tubes do? I don't know how to explain it well, but it's cool and it works.

I hated taking this off!!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?