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Monday, July 11, 2016

Colors by Llarowe Gizmo

Once again, I have not won the lottery.  Damn the luck.

Am sitting here wishing I had some exciting things to tell you, but it's been all about my cats and their bowels. Once again, they have not pooped in a couple days and I'm loading them up with the laxative.  I go on vacation in two months and I can't have this happen while I'm gone as I'm not going to make my neighbor force laxative down my cat's throats.

Do you guys ever remember your dreams? I sometimes have crazy ones.  I know I told you of my night terror a while back, but this one was just plain weird.  I've no idea how to interpret something like this.

I was in the town where I grew up and got shot in the butt in front of my old friend's house.  This gunshot went thru and into my bladder.  I was in the hospital hooked up to IVs and there was a big gathering going on of people visiting me.  My dad was there, my cousin was there.  One of the nurse practitioners I work with was my nurse in this dream.

I had to change my dressing to my wound.  It was like a castle trapdoor wound and I pulled the string and a tampon came out.  Yes this was the dressing and then what was left inside was a yellow kitchen sponge with the green scrubbie on one side.  Yes, my dressing was a tampon and a kitchen sponge.

It was about this time that I woke up.

Now people have written books on the meaning of dreams.  I've absolutely no idea what the hell this is supposed to mean.  Any one out there have any ideas??

My nails are due for a new gel job.  I've decided I don't feel like doing it today, so the gap will be a bit bigger than I like, but it is what it is.  I'm feeling lazy and just want to watch YouTube videos and read magazines.

Do you guys want to see more of me doing the gel dip method as I get better with practice? Or have I done enough that you're bored with them?  Let me know!

I've had the heating and air guy here doing the spring/summer inspection and he was telling me about this house he went to the other day that was like those episodes on Hoarder.  I told him that's why there's no way I could be a home health nurse as I don't want to see how other people live!

Today we have one of those super gorgeous linear holos that just blow the mind. Here is CbL Gizmo.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Let's just take a moment and stare................................

This is why I live for holos.  I can never get enough of the rainbows.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?