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Monday, July 25, 2016

Colors by Llarowe Dirty Diana

We are continuing on with my Llarowe run on holos.  So far, I have done five of their holos for you.  I'd forgotten how awesome they are.

I'm going to do a rant now.  So those who think I'm a b*tch or whatever, you can skip this part.

I told you how my back hurts coworker is doing half days right? Well my other coworker felt sorry for her and was helping her out getting ready for her conference.  What this meant was that she was neglecting her own conference to help my back hurts.

That day came when it was her conference. While she  was at her conference, my back hurts looked at me and said, "you really need to help her out more, she was here until 8:30pm last night." Believe you me, I sent her the evil eye and stated back, "yeah that's because she's been helping you out."

She didn't like that I stated the obvious of course and replied, "she only made me some copies." Well it was more than that, but I just turned away and ignored her.  My back hurts has been strolling in about eleven and leaving about two.  And she's the one who said she didn't need coverage.

I was going to discuss this with my coworker the next day, but sadly her beloved cat passed away and she didn't come to work.  I will be discussing this with her the same day you read this so I'll have an update for you later on.  I just can't believe that my back hurts had the gall to say that to me.

Um she helped you out, why don't you help her out? Sounds fair to me right? How is it up to me to help her out?

Yeah, I'm pissed big time.

I'm beyond tired of the politics in my little stupid cube farm room.

The new nurse starts the end of August after my back hurts gets back from Hawaii.  What I see is that it used to take three people to do the breast cancer stuff.  Now it's one person doing half days. Why wouldn't the boss turn around and say, you don't need more help as you've managed to do it in half days for a month now? Seems to me she is working herself out of her job.

Do you guys have drama in your job place???? Tell me about it so I don't feel so alone here.

Today we have a gorgeous dark berry holo.

Dirty Diana.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How freakin awesome is this???? I just couldn't cover these up with any art.  They are way too pretty on their own.  Plus, look how long my nails are getting! They are actually a bit too long.  I've since done my third gel dip mani and cut them down.  That's in a few posts.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?