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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Enchanted Polish Faerydae

Now for those of you who pay attention, you know how important music is to me.  Plus you should know that since I was sixteen, the Violent Femmes has and will always be, my all time favorite band.

Just imagine my total and utter happiness when I found out that they had put out an EP of four songs and a brand new album early March!!! You bet I bought it the second it was released.  I then proceeded to listen to it on repeat for four days straight.  Yes I now have all the songs memorized. My faves are Good For/At Nothing, I Could Be Anything and Issues.  Of course, I love all of the songs.

I bought both the digital version and the CD. I was hoping the CD would have an insert with information, but it didn't.  It just showed how rode hard and put away wet they look now.  Gordan Gano has the voice of a god in my opinion.  I cannot stop listening to it.  It's on now as I've been typing these last three posts.  I had no idea they were even working on an album.  It's been fifteen years and they haven't even been playing together for years.

I've seen them at least five times in person.  I just hope they keep making music.  It makes me happy.

OH!!! And for those who got on the adult coloring book wagon with me-Johanna Basford has put out another book called The Lost Sea.  She also has two on preorder at Amazon.com.  One is a jungle theme, the other is a Christmas one.  I haven't preordered yet, but they are in my cart.  I also bought a big box of crayons, thinking that would be better than the pencils.  I haven't tried them yet.

The pisser is that when I got the box of 96 crayons, the outside picture shows the colors all sorted. Well they aren't on the inside.  I felt that was kind of sh*tty.  So I dumped them all out and organized them myself.

Yeah, it's the OCD in me.

For those who read Stephen King, he has a new book on preorder for June.

Now, let's look at this beauty for today. Yes it's pink, but man is it a stunner.  My only complaint it that it is another microglitter.  So yeah, it's a b*tch to remove.  Worth it more than last posts blue one.

Indoor Sun
Indoor Sun

Oh how gorgeous is this???? And check out my nail length.  I did some filing and the three weeks I went without polish, I technically was wearing the Zoya Naked Manicure collection.  Since then, I've still been using the naked base and I'm not sure if that's helping, or just the warmer weather.  But for now, I'll take the nail length! Someone please let me know when Zoya is having a sale so I can buy more of that base!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?