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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Enchanted Polish Stellar

Today's polish is a freakin stunner.  Sadly, my camera didn't capture this.  I was also very concerned that it would be a PITA to remove as it's a microglitter, but actually it came off very easy.

Yes a glitter I actually like.  Who knew?

First update-I am loving my skin on this new acne.org stuff.  My pores are clean and smaller, I haven't had one single zit in the past 2.5 weeks I've been using it.  The redness on my cheeks is gone. The downside still is my skin is a dry mess.  But that seems to be getting better.  It's not itchy and flaking like before. Just dry.

Oh and the cool thing is I've been using less foundation.  I'm betting I could even go without, but I don't. Instead of two pea size dots, I've been doing one.  At week four, you then add the glycolic acid to the nighttime part.  I did write the company again about the dry skin, but no reply thus far. That's kind of sh*tty.  Overall, I'm ecstatic.

Mom will be here in two weeks to visit and she will be the final authority on this.  I'm betting she will be as amazed as I am.

The other update-I've just suspended my makeup brush of the month club.  You get five brushes a month for $20.  I now have way more than I will ever use.  If any of you out there need some, let me know, I can most likely sell you some! Plus if you're looking for a ring light and stand for YouTube vids or Instagram pictures, hit me up as I'm going to sell that as well.

I may do a blog sale with the brushes and light.  So far I haven't felt like taking all the pictures etc to do that.

I'm looking at trying a perfume of the month club though.  I love perfume! It's called Scentbird, but I can't get the stupid site to work.  It keeps cycling me through the same quiz to get your perfume tastes. From what I gather, you pick out a bunch and they ship you one a month depending on the order you want them.

I'm actually one who loves to wear men's cologne. I love that woodsy spicy stuff.  I've emailed that company too.

Random thought-why don't more men wear cologne? I simply love a man that wears cologne. Anyone I pass in the hall at work that smells good, I always compliment them and ask what they are wearing so I can wear it for myself!

Does anyone out there do this perfume club thing? How is it?

Now for today's mani.  I was so in love with this polish I didn't do any art.  Plus it was hair dye day and I didn't feel like it! I will warn you though, my camera could not capture all the sparkles in this. Therefore, it is not a pretty picture.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This polish has so much holo microglitter in it that as you move your hands around, the different layers of sparkles just mesmerizes you.  There's a depth to the sparkle. It's just impossible to capture without video!

Damn my nails are long! I need to do some shaping.  You will see the filed squares post after next as I've already done the next post.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?