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Friday, April 22, 2016

Enchanted Polish Holiday 2013, December 2013

Got home from an incredibly busy and stressful day at work and just wanted to lie down and read a book.  That was not to happen as I started to notice my baby Checkers acting funny.  She tried to pee and was crying while doing so.  Not her normal amount came out.  

Then she was whining and acting very different.  She wouldn't purr when I petted her, she was just blah you know? Then she ran down the hall and puked up a bunch of stuff.  She then kept going to the litter box trying to pee and nothing was coming out. Something was obviously wrong and she kept crying and crying.

Those of you who have paid attention, will know that my big boy Sam actually had a bladder blockage a few years back and had to stay in the hospital.  It is a cat emergency.  Also you will remember that a couple years ago, Checkers had a bladder stone and it was right around my fishing trip time of year and I was contemplating not going due to this.

I immediately called the vet as I thought she had a bladder blockage.  She has also been pooping differently lately, but I know it's the start of hairball season.  The vet told me to bring her right in. Ah the joy of Checkers in the car.  


She wails the whole time, and she drools and drools.  I'm always terrified she will have a heart attack on the way.  The way to the vet is through the woods on back country lanes.  I only know the one way. Get this, I get part way there and the damn road is blocked, shut down for bridge repair. I call the vet back asking how to get there, Checkers wailing the whole time.  

It stems from when I first got her and she was so sick with a lung infection that I had to bring her to the vet several times a week and they felt she wouldn't make it at that time.  I boiled water for steam and I fed her with a syringe.  She wasn't going to die on me! 

That was when she was seven weeks old and weighed two pounds and fit in my hand. Now she's thirteen and weighs thirteen pounds.  But still my baby.  

Turns out, she has a bladder infection and constipation.  They gave her IV fluid, antibiotics, steroids and stool softener.  $140.  She's worth it.  

She was mad at me when we got home, but after a couple of hours, she reclaimed her place on my head on my pillow to go to sleep.  She feels better this morning, although I have not seen her pee yet.

Those of you with pets, get to know their pee and poop patterns, size, shape, amounts.  It's important stuff to know.

All right.  Today's mani are my kind of colors.  EP Holiday 2013 and December 2013.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Ugh, I just love these colors! Oh and there are two more posts before the nubs reappear.  I seriously broke them frantically getting Checkers to the vet.  They'll grow back.

I did my funky next.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This Holiday 2013 is a deep raisin holo and one of my all time favorites.  It's just gorgeous.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?