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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Enchanted Polish Tulle, Telenovela

Remember my leaning tree that finally succumbed to the elements and fell down? Well my mom and I had planted fifty tulip bulbs a couple of months ago and they are busting out of the ground with pretty flowers! It's so cool to finally see what all that work was for.

I spent four hours one day last week adding grass seed, fertilizer and watering my yard.  The bad thing is, my hose isn't long enough to get to the very front of my yard.  So I was using my watering can which made for missing spots and not getting enough water on the seeds.  I spent another two hours yesterday just watering the yard again.

Two times now the forecast was for rain and two times now it has not rained! So I hope all my work pays off. My yard is a mess with weeds taking over, taller than the grass now and I have bare dirt patches.  This is the first year of the past 13 years I've lived here that I have done this.  People out there, cross your fingers that it works!

I've also been saving up for a new mattress as mine is from 1998.  It's time.  But I can't decide whether I want to pay the extra money and get memory foam or not.  I LOVE memory foam.  My pillows are foam and the place we stay in Myrtle Beach has memory foam beds.  I just find it so comfortable.  However, it's about $700 more than a regular pillowtop mattress like I have now.

I have to decide soon as Mom will be here the end of April and they only deliver on a day that I'm at work.  So I'll be getting it delivered while she's here.  I've gone several times to the store to lay on them to try to decide which one to get.

What would you do??

I am also planning on going Honda shopping while my Mom is here.  I'm eyeing the 2016 Honda Civic STICK in burgundy.  You KNOW I only drive a stick!!!!  My 2012 just hit 80,555 and I'll get better trade in value now rather than later.

Now let's look at these two beauties! I am in love with both of these big time.  This is Enchanted Polish Tulle with Telenovela funky french.  Need to wear Telenovela on its own for sure!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How gorgeous are these two??? These are true holo, no microglitter and just so stunning I could not stop staring!  Tulle is a gorgeous pinky nude, Telenovela  deep purple.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?